Pulp Report – First Story Finished

Last night, I finished The Robot Murders, which I’m posting here.  I have to post it with a password, because part of the experiment is to try to sell it.  If you’d like to read it, write me with “pulp fiction password request” in the subject line.

Write to:

email address

Click through to the story here.

Overall, the formula worked pretty well.  I came up with a story, despite starting with absolutely no ideas for one.  And initially, in the first page or two, I was kind of screwing around, not taking it seriously, but I found I got into it.

In the story I wrote, I felt that the action overwhelmed the emotional conflict of the story.  Also I picked a more abstract emotional conflict.  But then, I usually prefer actiony stories with enough inward conflict to make them meaningful; more than I do emotional stories that are spiced with action.

I’m also taking this opportunity to go through Tobias’s 20 Master Plots, with the idea I’ll write a pulp story for every plot.  This one was supposed to be a Quest story (Tobias #1), but again, it became overwhelmed by the action and ended up more like an Adventure plot (Tobias #2).  You can’t see the Quest narrative unless you’re really looking.

So, the modification I made to the formula is meant to integrate the action more with the emotional conflict.  This is where I found myself putting most of my brain-power while writing it.

The FHD formula is currently in a text file, written in a kind of shorthand I use.  I’ll tidy it up and post it here today or tomorrow — in any case, I’ll aim to have it up by the weekend.

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  1. Nice piece, precisely what thhe gaming world wants, sustaijn the nice work!

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