Health Care: Making a Killing in the Free Market

In general, this blog isn’t about politics.  But let me get this straight–

The Problem

America has about the best medical technology in the world, and the best doctors, and we have about the worst citizen’s health in the first world.  Because we allow insurance companies to suck sick people dry, chew them up, and spit them out.  In some cases, ambulences take sick people without health insurance out of hospitals and drop them off on a curb in the slums.  Old people smuggle legal drugs in from Canada.


Now the Republicans tell us that if we were to change this, we would be rationing health care.  Because what we have now isn’t “rationing.”  Currently we give health care to — we treat — people who can afford it.  People who can’t afford it, we don’t.  And that’s not “rationing” because “rationing” implies that there’s a plan, a logic, that there’s medically-based thinking about who would benefit most from a treatment.

We don’t do that; we just allow people to be treated if they can afford it.  Which is the way it should be, because people with more money deserve more things.  Like access to doctors.  That’s what money is for.


So corporations have succeeded at doing what corporations do — making a killing in the free market — and when someone wants to change this in a way that runs up against those moneyed interests, suddenly we have Republicans busting up town hall meetings, screaming that Obama is a Nazi and he’s taking away their freedom.

And then, most recently, and paradoxically, they claim that, not only will their freedom be taken away by being given access to doctors, but that they’ll be given less access to doctors than Democrats will.  So their freedom will be taken away less, apparently.

The Warning

And while Beck screams that Obama, the whitest black man who ever graced television, whiter even than Dr. Huxtible — Obama, whose ancestors were never enslaved — not in this country — while Beck screams that Obama, who was raised by his white Grandma, is racist against whites or white culture, while people carry fully automated assault weapons to his speeches, and while Republican senators who helped craft the proposed legislation turn around and lie about it to their constituents, claiming its real purpose is to enable the government to euthanize people —

While all this is going on, Republicans warn Democrats that they must not consider doing anything unilaterally.  Because if they do use reconciliation (as Republicans themselves have in the past), Republicans will be less willing to work with Democrats. 

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  1. Thank you, Conrad, for speaking up. Wasn’t it Louis B. Mayer who said: “If you want to own someone, overpay them.”

    I really don’t know why we just don’t overpay Karl Rove and make him spin things our way. Sometimes the ends DO justify the means.


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