IF Comp 09 Reviews

A statement of intent —

I’ll be reviewing IF Comp 09 games.  They won’t be traditional reviews, which follow a certain pattern in what they cover, but rather I’ll cover what I consider to be important game by game.

Also, I’m not necessarily looking for the good games — this kind of thing irritates me — but for those games that do interesting things, that I can say interesting things about. 

I’m interested in understanding IF better, and I’m assuming you are too:  if you just want to play the pro-rated games, my advice is to wait until the Comp is over, and go by the final scores.

And in general, I’d rather be encouraging to IF authors than discouraging.  I’ve already played one game that I intensely dislike, and I’ll be saying I intensely dislike it, and why; and I’ve played another game where I doubt the author wanted to make a good game.

But I’ll do my best, while being honest, to give the author the benefit of the doubt, and to keep the negative feedback illuminating and useful to the writer and the players.

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