Duel In The Snow Review

This was solid IF.  It’s a solid, detailed story.  The programming is solid.  The scene changes and inventory management are smooth.  There’s a good ending and a bad ending.  The only thing is, the solution is _weird._

I used the walkthrough.  The hints weren’t doing it for me.  I probably could have gotten it without the walkthrough … if I wanted to replay it 10 or 15 times.

But, *man* that solution is weird.  I’m not left wondering how the author thought I was supposed to think of it; I’m left wondering how he thought of it.

Let me explain: 

On the Olympic scale of weirdness, 1 is the shockingly normal kid you knew in school, who was so bizarrely normal that she took the basic weirdness of you and all your other friends in stride.  (What ever became of her?)  10 is when you’re on the first day of a new job and your co-workers explain your duties to you by breaking into a Cabaret number.  8 is any of my relatives.

The solution to this game is an 8.5.  So, it’s pretty weird.  But then, the author doesn’t seem to realize that it’s weird, and that ups it to 9.5.

Especially because, in this game there’s so much attention to detail and it’s so straight-faced.  …I just don’t know what to make of it.

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  1. There is someone–don’t remember which blog–who types all his/her thoughts as she plays. Right at the beginning, (s)he says something like “Oh, I wonder if you must put the X in the Y in order to Z?”. Well, yes, you must. :)

    I found the solution pretty quickly by simply trying out all the objects; it was obvious to me that _one_ of them had to work.

    Still… it is pretty weird, perhaps not so much in the sense that it is unsolvable, but in the sense that it is entirely disconnected from the logic of the story and the setting.

  2. Well, I mean, do they do that? If you think of what they’re made of, I don’t think one would.

  3. No, I’d be surprised if it worked in reality. Maybe if you stuffed it with aramid? Or steel fibers?

    But, you know, I’m even surprised that the bullet enters you through your coat pocket. I thought that in a duel, you turn your right side to the enemy, not your front?

  4. Not if you’re left-handed. Or if you’re a complete moron when it comes to shooting things that shoot back. I believe the PC said he was the latter, in so many words.

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