Make Yourself Famous! – Win A Supporting Role In An Emily Short Game!

Alright, guys — this is fun:

Emily Short’s running a charitable bid to help someone in her circle pay the doctor.  (This is a very American story — computer games for doctors’ visits.)

That means she’ll write YOU (or anyone you like) into her game.  This is it!  This is your chance!  You can literally put yourself into a text game!

Admittedly, it’s a cameo.  But if you want her to write an entire game about you, she can do that, too — if you win a different bid.

Confession:  I wrote Emily an email and nagged her to come up with some affordable way for people who are working in Cambodia for $6/hr to pitch in.

So, c’mon, guys — this a way you can do a really good deed to help someone take care of themselves, and do something cool and new with IF.

ps – Emily’s also auctioning access to the source code of her old games.  If you’re interested in writing games in Inform 7, what better way than to see how she does it?

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  1. One warning before Inform 7 enthusiasts start bidding on all that source code: at least the first three of those five games were written in Inform 6, which is completely different. Floatpoint is sure to be a solid Inform 7 game, though.

  2. I’m enjoying your reviews. But: what are you doing in Cambodia for six dollars an hour?

  3. I’m teaching English.


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