End of Reviewing – Further IFC09 Plans

So, that’s the last of my reviews.  I hasten to add that these reviews are based on my experience of the game.  And there’s something funny in gaming, where not only can my subjective experience be different from yours, but my objective experience can be different:  I might encounter bugs you don’t, or find the parser ill-specified for my phraseology, or might miss the ending you liked.

So, to find out what I’ve missed, I’ll now be going through other reviewer’s reviews of the games, more-or-less systematically.  Doubtless there will be some differences of opinions, which sometimes will be hash-outable and sometimes not.

I’ve written one mean review, which is my quota, as I beta-tested one game.  –I think there’s a rule somewhere that you can only write as many mean reviews of Comp games as you have play-tested Comp games; if not, I hereby make one.

Although, if nobody’s already made that rule, I’ll set the maximum number of mean reviews at the number of beta-tested games minus one.  And if that puts me on the wrong end of the rule, so much the better.

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