What YOU Like in IF – more data

I’ve recently gone through the online reviews of IF Comp 09 games, looking for commonalities and patterned differences in what people like about IF.  What I found is counter-intuitive; or at least, contrary to the prevailing wisdom.

Admittedly, my method required a lot of gisting.  So, I’d like to collect more numerical data.  Then when we get the scores, we can sort through this to see what the strongest influences are.  And that means we can tell IF authors with specificity how to write games you’ll like better.

Take the survey and tell us what you like in IF.

If you’d like to pass along the link, you may find this one more convenient, as it won’t break under cut-n-paste:


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  1. All right, come on guys — I need you with me on this one. The survey takes about 20-25 minutes, depending on your level of dilligence.

    I’ve got all these people telling me they like the work I’m doing here — invest a little time so we can test the hypothesis.


  2. Well, the form assumes that everyone has played all comp games. If you leave anything blank it doesn’t let you continue. I’m not sure how many people have actually played all the comp games, I assume not many. I didn’t take the survey because I don’t want to just put some random number to those I haven’t played because that would just invalidate any results.

  3. Actually, the survey let me finish without filling anything in for the games I hadn’t played. Hopefully that didn’t break anything.

  4. If anyone’s confused on this point, the survey won’t let you go on if you leave too many fields blank.

    …That number might be set too high; I’ll check to ensure it’s in line with the number of games the Comp requires you to score, and tweak it if needed.


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