A No-Frills Pictures of Cambodia Post

Some vendors at their carts.  They push these out in the morning and home at night.  Those rag-ropes tying the handles together allow them to push with their bellies.

The park where the vendors work.  I’ve no idea of the park’s function or dedication.

Failed pancakes made in my room.  Very sad.

Finally I bought a proper skillet.

Meanwhile, spagetti was easy to make.  I was so happy! — hadn’t eaten spagetti in a long time.  The sauce is from packeted tomato soup powder.  Comes out good.  (They do sell real tomato sauce, but I’ve got no fridge.)

Yes, that’s a toothpaste tube propping up the stove to keep it from wobbling.  Table’s crooked.  The toothpaste tube has just the right squooshy-firm wedgelike properties to keep the stove stable.

I made the mistake of trying to get help from a computer program in Windows.  When these programs don’t go looking online for help — HONESTLY, HOW HARD IS IT TO INCLUDE A HELP FILE IN THE DOWNLOAD? — they fail because the help file is written in the standard Windows Help File format.

I <3 windows.

So then I had to walk to a Wi-Fi spot to figure out the software, and there was a cattle cart parked on the side of the road…

And that’s the news from Cambodia.

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