View from Home & a Question for Techno-Geeks…

This is where I live; the view out the hallway window.

A quick and unrelated question for the techno-geeks out there:  I have a suspicion that the folks at the Wi-Fi cafe where I login are accessing my computer; or trying to.  I have a lot of small reasons for this; for example, I got back one day and found Windows was asking for specifications for the second monitor. 

And just today, I had something funky happen with windows being moved and resized on me, and focus being shifted back to my browser, until I hit the switch to kill the Wi-Fi.  At which point it stopped.

I’m using the out-of-the-box Windows Vista security, plus AVG for viruses.  Any ideas?  Is there a good free firewall you’d recommend?

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  1. Sounds like someones using your remote desktop or have you got a VNC service running? Make sure RD is fully disabled and check your services…

  2. Thanks, Paul. It’s not well documented how to turn Remote Desktop off, but I eventually found instructions online. And yes, it was on.


    ps – if some search engine has sent you here for those directions, left click on Computer and go into ‘Properties.’ It’s not in the help file for Remote Desktop — after all, why would anyone want to turn it off?

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