My Interactive Fiction is Famous! kinda.

LAIR of the CyberCow description

A free fiction novel for your Mac

LAIR of the CyberCow is a free interactive fiction novel set with a social theme.



The author comments:  A-hahahahahaha!!!!

Who is doing this to their users, you ask?  These guys

24 downloads so far, and no ratings.

The thing doesn’t work with the latest compatible, incompatible ADRIFT Runner, never mind with Spatterlight.

But, beyond the amusement factor, here’s a heads-up to all you serious IF authors that third parties are promoting your games.

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  1. Goodness. My own “69,105 Keys” seems to have 47 downloads and no ratings. It look like someone found IFDB and mostly chose any game released in 2009.

  2. I was really wondering what “social theme” they thought LAIR had. Then I remembered the Comp blurb:

    “One of the few games in the neglected Farm Noir genre, LAIR of the CyberCow takes a stylishly chilling, ambivalently moral look at the social themes of our times — or, does it?”

    All of this is reminding me I promised to post a transcript of that game. Now that the Comp is over, I’ll htmlize that file…


  3. Correction: they have screenshots, so they must’ve at least loaded it.

    Meantime, it has also been picked up here…


  4. Adding to the CyberCow weirdness–

    Turns out LAIR was nominated for the XYZZY awards. Which is meaningless, as every eligible game was systematically nominated. BUT, nevertheless “Nominated for the 2008 XYZZY Award!” now goes on the CyberCow label.


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