Help Prep for the Comp ’10 Surveys!

If you’re an author, you’ll be interested to know that your game will have its own survey. Help me make that survey by getting me the game’s title and authorship info now — I’ll make your game’s survey early and not be overwhelmed at Comp Open.

If you’re a judge, you can tell me if the survey is short enough. If the survey’s not short enough and filling it out’s a thing, I need to know about it now. Once we’re collecting Real Comp Data, we’re collecting Real Comp Data, and we’re launched.

If you run a website, I can easily make you a custom set of links to the surveys. Then we’ll know how many respondents we’re getting through you. And that’s good, because someone is going to have the idea that a different kind of player is coming in through intfiction than through newsgroups, and they’ll want to look through the data for patterned differences in responses. –Ah, and in fact, I can even get you embed code that allows people to stay on your site while answering the survey. Also available: Facebook code.

Want changes to the survey? Speak up–! Post a comment or email me: conradcook[a]gmail

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  1. Feedback as a probable judge: I think there are probably too many bubble questions — it looked like an intimidating number to me.

    Also, I think I’d move the fill-in-the-blanks except for “what kind of game is this” and “what’s the main NPC” to the end. The others seem more like essay questions, and it feels a little exhausting to answer them and then to do the multiple choices.

  2. Many thanks, Matt. I’m going to break up the bubble questions, to give it less of that 2001 Monolith appearance. I think many of the fill-ins ought to be collected first, to get answers that are as blank and uninfluenced as possible; but I’ll give that a second look too.

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