How People Are Finding OneWetSneaker…

People find this blog in the strangest ways.

This week, readers surfed in on these terms:

wet sneaker
“emily short”
sarah palin
learn khmer online
mill’s methods examples

–I don’t say much on here about either Sarah Palin or Emily Short, but both are mentioned, and people search for them.  (Emily, I consider it an unfortunate fact that Sarah Palin’s more popular.)

I was pleased and delighted, in an utterly egotistical way, to see the first appearance of:

conrad cook interactive fiction

–I’ll be more pleased and delighted when I write an IF actually worth searching for.  I also get a few searches for:

jacek pudlo
florida roaches

–each of which is somewhat more popular than searches for my name.  Hm.

I get quite a few readers surfing in on particular IF-related terms, and somewhat fewer looking for writing-related stuff.  Among writing topics, most popular is the Foster-Harris formula.  OneWetSneaker is the only online resource I know of where you can find a full description of Foster-Harris’s system; I tried writing it up on Wikipedia, but it was instantly taken down.  Wikifascists.

Surprisingly many readers are interested in emotional logic.  Most of what I have along these lines isn’t posted, because it’s not ready.  But people do read my edits of Aristotle’s work.

And — this is odd — a great deal of the traffic to OneWetSneaker appears to be from people out to price Cambodian hookers.  This is something I wrote about because it was going on around me.  It wasn’t really meant to be a major attractor to the blog.  But apparently this is highly-sought information.

It’s especially strange because all my information is second-hand.  It’s a principle of mine (or, if you prefer, a hang-up) not to pay for sex.  But apparently people who do don’t post how to go about it to the internet.

It’s a strange world.

-ps-  This just showed up…

chat wet sneakers


Another significant driver of traffic that I find kind of odd are spam blogs.  These are blogs set up with no real content purely to get advertising traffic and spammish clickthroughs.

I infer that, to dupe Google into believing they’re real blogs, they’ll post links to real blogs, like mine.  So I get traffic from, and when I check out the source link I find an incoherent forgery of a blog.

Possible careers in automated text generation, I guess.

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