The Shakespearean Tabletop RPG!

Paul Budra, of Simon Fraser University, has created Play Extempore, the Shakespearean tabletop role-playing game — and has put it online free!

His recent announcement reads:

I’ve made one of my teaching tools available for free download: it’s a role-playing game (think Dungeons and Dragons in 5 acts) that allows players to improvise a Shakespeare-like narrative. It’s suited for advanced students and nerdy scholars. You can find it at

Paul Budra
Associate Dean
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Simon Fraser University

personal note: This game brings me back to my early high school days, when my junior-high geek friends had all gone to other schools, and I hadn’t made new geek friends at the new school.  In those days, I would buy role-playing games and wish I had someone to play them with…  *sigh*

In junior high and high school, I was always the DM.  In retrospect — that was damn good preparation for learning to do hypnotherapy.


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