Let’s Raid Wikipedia!

Who else needs a break from IFComp 2010 awesomeness?

The sad fact is that the Wikipedia article on Plot is abysmally skeletal.  Like an underfed chicken.  And, let’s face it, plot is a super-interesting topic!

A couple times, over the years, I’ve tried to add things to this entry, only to have some “editor” come along, compare the differences and say to himself (apparently):

What is this?  Someone has altered the meaning of this paragraph.  Revert!

–Generally without doing any basic research to see if the new meaning is more factually correct.

BUT, this time I think I’m starting to make some headway.  I’ve got the Latest Reverter saying, “Ok, ok, fine, just go away–”  (Didn’t you love to hear that from your parents?  It was basically carte blanche:   go ahead and paint the cat a better color, just do it quietly!)

You know what I think we need?

A history of plot.  Currently they just have Freytag’s pyramid, which is all anyone says about Freytag and isn’t even why he’s cool.  We can put in some Aristotle to give Freytag some context, work in some Agusto Boal, maybe, for an alternative point of view, and then get modern–

I dunno, you guys tell me:  Who talks about the function of plot in modern video games?  In CYOAs? 

I mean, this is Wikipedia.  We really should have something more than Freytag’s Pyramid.

C’mon, guys.  Pitch in.

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  1. There’s a new Great Rule Of The Internets:

    Do not, under any circumstances, contribute to Wikipedia.

    I[citation needed] believe this piece of wisdom[citation needed] is the result[citation needed] of every Random J. Idiot[citation needed] reverting contributions because of his[citation needed] personal views[citation needed].

    Bottom line: You want your piece of mind, don’t deal with Wikipedia.

  2. Freytag’s drama book is cooler than his drama chart.
    I like his exploration of drama as impassioned action. He shows the importance of assigning motives and how transforming reality into drama calls for idealizing.

  3. Nikos – Indeed, the great fluid text of electrons has a certain sanity-blasting element… I find that makes it sort of interesting.

    Wayne – Yeah, and his discussion of how you use minor characters to push around major characters and make stuff happen was really useful to me. Uncle Somebody-or-other’s writing course on the AbsoluteWriteWaterCooler forum (http://www.absolutewrite.com/forums) said that writing was like chess, but never really explained what he meant. But Freytag does…

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