Wrapping Up the Comp & Surveys…

We’re all getting ready for the end of the Comp.  I’ve had my first author inquiry about his survey data, and I regret that I had to tell him that he had only three people respond for his game.

C’mon, people!  I mean, I know we’re all busy.  I myself had Life get in the way and I haven’t been reviewing nearly as many games as I wanted to.  But three people?

If you have any interest in reading even slightly meaningful survey data, fill out one survey a day until the end of the Comp.  A single survey takes about three minutes; and if we get just a few good folks participating half-heartedly, we’ll really boost our results.

These guys worked hard on their games.  Put in a lot of hours.  You can put in three minutes a day.

Meantime, if you have any thoughts on streamlining the survey process, I’ll be glad to hear them.  Stephen Granade is talking about integrating them to some extent with the Comp website (in the form of optional links); therefore we’d all get more out of it the more streamlined the process is.

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  1. Do we only have until the end of the Comp to do surveys? I was going to fill them out more-or-less as I went, but I wasn’t able to because I haven’t assigned final scores yet. Don’t know if I’ll have time between final scoring and the Comp deadline to get them all filled out. :(

  2. DJ,

    You might not be the only one doing it that way, and therefore I’ll leave them open a little after the Comp closes — but only a day or so.

    Well, the kinks are there to be worked out.


  3. I was going to wait until the competition’s end, too. Just to add a vote. I’m still finalizing scores, and I want to play through all the games. Maybe I’m not the only one with a block against any surveys before I play the games. I hope that’s the case. I have stuff to say and bet others do too.

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