More on the hit

Overheard information, that Senator Jeremy Carson is also a desired target of ex-Senator Dylan’s, a billionaire.

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  1. Idea for a science-fiction novel:

    A man who neither claims to be the savior Christ nor denies it especially, except when he is told to, is targeted for a transformation to the anti-Christ by a Senator who wants to use him in this way:

    He will be turned into a robot by some psychic threaded energy woven into his being. The Senator has a plan to then puppet the anti-Christ around America, kicking in rich people’s doors with a handgun and slaughtering whole families. The psychic energy is put into him by evil remote viewers.

    The remote viewers secretly have a plan to try to take over the human race. This is because the matrix or “bloc” that they put into their brains is actually the ancient soul, each, of aliens who somehow mysteriously landed, crashed or became stranded on the planet Earth.

    The Senator unfortunately has not fully thought through his plan. Like a good politician, he intends to play both sides of the fence. His plan is to have the anti-Christ, after terrorizing the rich and politically powerful families of America with his unstoppable (because magically protected by God) ability, this anti-Christ will in the end endorse one political party, causing the other to win.

    When the anti-Christ dies, the Senator will psychically devour his “chi” — his psychic energy, his soul — and become the Sun-God. In a vision he saw the unpuppeted true Savior become. However, he wants to hedge his bet: if the Sun-God thing does not work out, he intends to call Jesus’s name and have Jesus carry him to salvation. The basic paradox does not actually occur to him, that he must call on Jesus before he dies and the Sun-God transformation (presumably) would occur after. So the two goals defeat one another.

    The attempt to transform the (non?)-messiah into the anti-christ is, of course, unsuccessful, and the messiah commands a demon to destroy them. The senator who intended to transform the messiah into the anti-christ and a remote viewer named Pete were eaten by a demon…

  2. in other news, R.I.P. Terence Williams.

  3. R.I.P. also Kyle — these great (or pretty good) actors in this kind of movie.

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