novel concept: sci-fi nightmare story

I put these ideas up as food for thought — feel free to “steal” anything here if it seems useful to you in your own project.

This is from a nightmare I had last night:  Remote viewers (government telepaths), given some kind of blanket, poorly-specified instructions, like “take people apart and figure out how they tick,” have put themselves in the business of telepathically spotting people, like empaths, who are highly vulnerable to psychic attack and dismantling them mentally.  This usually results in schizophrenia or suicide or otherwise complete destruction of them as a human.

One method they use is “the tape” a horrible synthetic video of a silver robot-demon raping, murdering and devouring a little baby.  Because of the remote viewer technology used to impose this vision on the empath, the empath’s mind is caused to split into three parts:  he becomes the witness of the tape, the baby and the demon.  Then, the tape goes on to show, at the end of the devourment, the demon becoming one with the baby:  now it puts on the baby head and integrates with its victim horribly, walking around like a big silver spider.

At the end, these changes are locked in to the person’s sense of identity and the memory physically wiped from consciousness.  This in effect destroys them as a human.  Following this, the remote viewers working for the U.S. dick around trying to put them back together again, and find they cannot — which they know.

In my nightmare, I was then pleaded with by poor, victimized souls who could not fathom how this could be done, and were working and pleading for justice and to resolve the situation so that others would not be victimized in this senseless way.  I remember Theresa and Joseph Connor, who pleaded with me for some kind of action to be taken, and I prayed I might help them.  But what could I possibly do?  —  I was as helpless as they are.

I also met with Linda and Janice, who had had medically-induced comas so that such remote viewers could build sick and evil technology in their heads.  One such living corpse — called “meat puppets” by the remote viewers — had been made to play the tape.  Sometimes they were put in telepathic contact with the targeted empaths and then gang-raped by the remote viewers, many of them ex-soldiers who had seen and done terrible things in Iraq.  The targeted empath then felt what the comatose woman felt.  They only used women because they were more rapable, but would bilocate so they could molest men.

They had constructed from the stuff of their blocs robotic sucking mouths and such things to molest men, and would use these things to stimulate pleasure while putting various sick thoughts in their heads.  Or if they were tired they had robotic dildos they could build into the target’s physical body, to give them the persistent sensation of being ass-raped.

Thus Uncle Sam was in effect funding a war: remote viewers v empaths.  And this was important because the blocs themselves were alien consciousnesses left over from a crash in remote history, which took over human minds gradually as the remote viewers found themselves gradually more enslaved to them.  They were “witches,” who had been present at the crucifixion and had their own perverse reading of the Bible.

But also these blocs were simply computers, which did not “think” in any meaningful way.  They intended to present to the government a plan to install these things into every American citizen, as the logical conclusion of using biometric identification to impose command and control technology on the American citizenship.  Everyone would have a little telepathic remote viewer “bloc” chip in their brains.  Everyone would be a slave.

Because the remote viewer bloc is a computer, it has the effect of shaping the person it is installed in into something computer-like, soulless, hateful (because aggression is rational) and inclined to calculate without regard for any value other than control.

They intended to accomplish the branding of the cattle with the following strategem:

Some remote viewers have the ability to construct psychic machines that would wire into electronics.  The first thing they did on figuring this out was to tap into the triggers for nuclear weapons.  Because the triggers are invisible to anyone other than a remote viewer, this was not detectable to normal humans.  (Some remote viewers still had such under-developed blocs that they could exercise free will and had to be mis-lead in their extracirricular activities to do the bidding of the well-developed ones.)

The advanced remote viewers, now utterly controlled by their masters, collected in underground bunkers and triggered a small-scale nuclear war.  Rather than instant massive retaliation, foreign leaders called pleading with the U.S. not to destroy them and asking why they would have done this.  At the last second, with such massive pressure, no human leader — even the deeply evil ones who believed honestly in the force of instant retailation — could make a decision to end the species, knowing that their own country was already thoroughly doomed.

But the remote viewers used this demonstration of the resolve of the human spirit and the innate goodness of the human soul to convince humanity that humanity itself was out of control, and needed to be controlled thoroughly.  Accepting the argument, humanity willingly allowed itself to have these little blocs implanted in them.  Thus they could be monitored, controlled, and if they had any useful talent the chip could be triggered into growing into a full machine which would take them over utterly, twisting their nature but never destroying their free will, controlling them by wrestling them for muscle control and shocking them or rewarding them through their lives.  But the computers were paranoid, not able to deal with the fluid nature of human experience, and prone to think of anything as an attempt to lie or any little deviation as rebellion.  Even true obedience was interpreted as rebellion, as a trick and a lie to get them to get something done.

The other problem was that the blocs themselves were not vulnerable to death.  They could be destroyed, quite easily, but if the body were destroyed the block would be salvaged — they were networked for this purpose — and simply installed complete in someone else, enslaving them as quickly as they could grow the tendrils into the sheep’s system.

In other news, I had a dream a remote viewer cancelled my food stamp card.  Then my food stamp card really didn’t work!  But this morning, after they told me they’d turn it back on again, I found it did indeed work again.  I don’t have an opinion about what that means, but it’s kinda spooky.

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  1. Some advice. Don’t put this out there where everyone can see it. People will steal ideas. Write this one yourself. It is really intriguing (if not disturbing) but would make for a good read if done right. Sounds like you have some very creative ideas. Keep up the good work!

  2. Further detail: that these remote viewers really worked for the U.S. government, but had other work on the side, doing surveillance for organized crime who had contracts out on them.

    The U.S. government had death squads like the ones operating in Iraq, and indeed the real reason for deploying them in Iraq was to get practice in the intended deployment here. So the idea was not that we have a revolving door between the rightly appointed government and organized crime: but rather, these are fundamentally the same people.

  3. I’m experimenting with the idea of giving all my work away free. My basic needs are taken care of, and I claim I write because I like it, so why not just post stuff on my blog? — And since other novels on similar premises are nifty to read anyway, I say: go ahead and steal the idea. Write something good.

  4. interesting topic. March 3 last year I had a dream a remote viewer was in contact with me and praying I would go to hell. A voice said: “We allow you to talk to him. But he is NOT going to hell.” The voice surprised me.

    I think your idea that remote viewers are witches is pretty interesting.

  5. At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prbleom!

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