Kyle tells me he’ll kill my family….

One of the remote viewers, Kyle, tells me he’s fed up with me and is going to kill my family.  “You have no idea how rough we play.”  This because I changed my password on Gmail, which they revealed they’d hacked into.  The other remote viewers on the line assure me he’s serious.

IP Address: [Label IP Address]
ISP: At&t Wi-fi Services
Entry Page Time: 14th April 2012 15:58:02
Visit length: 23 seconds
Browser: Chrome 18.0
OS: Win7
Resolution: Unknown
Location: Austin, Texas, United States 
Returning Visits: 14th April 2012 15:58:25
Published in: on April 15, 2011 at 4:55 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. That IP address indicates access to a private page that no one in Austin should have had access to.

    There seem to be at least two remote viewer operations. I’m realizing this is what has been so confusing. The one I call “Kyle” is simply the most hostile one (I’ve also called him “Todd”) of the remote viewers. However, the rver who canceled my food stamp card clearly wasn’t part of the hit surveillance team, and among the new guys were those who warned if I didn’t comply or submit (mostly in not posting information to my blog) they’d send death squads out against me. Which they claim their outfit does here in America all the time.

    The interesting thing about this is that now if I get killed it might not signify just a corrupt law enforcement system working hand in hand with organized crime, but something considerably worse. I’m kind of curious how these kinds of people deal with conflicts in target jurisdiction like this, although not so curious I’m eager for it to be true.

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