Atheist’s Prayerbook


This is a short manual on cultivating your soul and fostering your relationship with the divine. The effects of this process are comfort in times of crisis, relief from suffering, blessedness, and second sight.

I am an atheist who is committed to a rational scientific view of the world. I do not believe in God or telepathy; but I am telepathic and God speaks to me. Non of this is about what you believe. That is not important. It is about faith, and orienting your soul properly.

I am not entirely prepared to write this. I would like another five to fifteen years before I start teaching. Regrettably, I am about to be killed. I have been at this for five to fifteen years, depending on how you count, and only recently gotten pretty good. I invite you to surpass me, and to write a better manual correcting my errors.

First Lesson

The first lesson is to give your soul to God. Do this actively, through prayer or meditation. Wish for it strongly and persistently. If you have no soul and God does not exist, no harm done. If He does, this is the proper way to relate to Him.

You must specify who you mean by “God.” The God of love; the God of kindness. And so on. You cannot do this too much. It is deeply good for you.

Second Lesson

The second lesson is to receive instruction from God. Pray to God that He help you to become a good person; a better person; a kinder, more loving person; and so on. You can add such things as suit your particular needs, or indeed ask Him to help you meet your needs and to take care of yourself generally.

Third Lesson

The third lesson is to have God teach you how to pray, or meditate. Ask Him to guide your prayer or meditation to help you give your soul to Him, to receive his help and guidance in making yourself a good person.

When you do these things, you are in effect asking God to bless you.

Fourth Lesson

The fourth lesson is to ask God to bless others, especially those who are dear to you. Ask Him to send them His love; to allow you to feel his love for them; to send them His love through you; to help them to become better people.

Fifth Lesson

The fifth lesson is to ask God to bless, and to teach you to bless, evil people and people you hate. If you are not able to ask God to send them His love, you can ask Him to make you a good enough person that you WILL be able to; and that He make them less evil, that they are made unable and unwilling to victimize people; and so on.

Final Word

Finally, you can alongside this process ask God to help you wake up; to help your soul, your indwelling divine spark, your Buddha-nature, to awaken.

This instruction is brief, but it really is this simple. Sometimes this is boring. It is work.

Sticking to the Path

It can go against our nature to forgive people truly, because our nature is often fallen. But this is the best path.

People will sometimes see that you are kind and forgiving and decide to abuse you or take advantage of you. Avoid this if possible. But do NOT become righteous or retaliatory. Sacrifice is part of the deal. I became righteous and I retaliated — mildly — and now I will be killed.Learn to be humble. A good inward chant, on breathing out, is, “not me.”

In general, with Divine guidance, improvise your way through your spiritual development. It keeps you interested and participating and it keeps your practice relevant.

When you have anger, rage or hate, ask God to help you with it. Do NOT send it to your enemy. This is another thing I did wrong. My troubles are traceable to doing this, once, and to praying for justice.

When you become spiritually developed, everything you do comes to be magnified and to rebound on you. People respond to you more strongly. Learn to make sacrifices and to be at peace with them. It’s not that they “don’t matter.” It’s that you are called on to make a sacrifice, and doing it will help you become a better person.

The soul is like an egg. It develops invisibly and hatches and struggles to free itself. And, freed, it becomes vulnerable. It is better to suffer worldly losses than spiritual ones. Therefore sacrifice.

Awaken the Non-Dominant Hemisphere

It helps to wake up your soul if you activate the non-dominant hemisphere of your brain. Here is a top-down view of you reading a book:

The left hemisphere of your brain runs the right side of your body, gets vision from the right fields of both eyes, and gets auditory from the right ear. Vice-versa for the other hemisphere.

In most right-handers, the left hemisphere is the dominant hemisphere (DH) and the right hemisphere is the non-dominant hemisphere (NDH). Your NDH is a great source of wisdom for you.

Bandler, the famous hypnotist, learned hypnosis by putting his NDH to ‘sleep’ with music while his DH studied hypnotic language patterns. So he became a foolish genius. Instead, wake up your NDH and make it a full partner.

Low-Tech NDH Awakening

Buy two pairs of sunglasses and tape up the left fields of view on both lenses of one pair, and the right fields of view on both lenses of the other pair. The blinkered hemisphere cannot visually construct its environment and is forced to import the world-view from the other hemisphere. It can’t get just the visual information — it must get the emotional and symbolic interpretation too.

So they learn to talk. The set you don’t like wearing is the one you should wear more. It makes you uncomfortable because it forces you out of your familiar routine.

Hi-Tech NDH Awakening

Build a light and sound machine with two sets of LEDs to the side of the goggles, so you can see through the center. In February of 2008, if I recall, there was an article in 2400: Hacker Quarterly explaining how to build one. This was a small alteration to those plans.

Make the LEDs to the left side of the goggles settable to a different frequency than those to the right side of the goggles. If you are right-handed, set the right LEDs to a slow frequency — perhaps one beat per second — to drive your DH into trance, while setting the left LEDs to a high frequency to keep your NDH in uptime. Look up brainwave frequencies on Wikipedia and experiment.

Do not use this or any light and sound machine if you are epileptic or have a brain injury.

With your NDH in uptime and your DH in trance, go about those activities you can do safely. (Do not drive or operate machines.) Talk to people. Train your NDH to run daily life.

Educate Your NDH

Using your left hand, teach yourself to write. Have your NDH write you messages in this way. Do not attempt to interfere or decide what the messages will say; just watch the writing happen on its own. Establish a dialog in this way between your NDH and your DH.

Your NDH is truly you, but it specializes in dreamlike thinking and has a very different experience of the world. The experience is like communicating with your soul. Mine is Christian, which is pretty strange to me.

Your DH natively uses language, but your NDH communicates in analogies and parable. Bringing your NDH up to speed linguistically will begin the process of unifying with your soul and you will begin to gain access to powerful intuitions.

Meanwhile, you should also…

Educate Your DH

Your NDH communicates with emotions and symbols, so bring your DH up to speed regarding symbolism and emotional logic.

You can learn practical symbolism as a conversational game with anyone. Here, do it with yourself:

Ask: “What are three animals you like and why?”

Usually, the first will be your ideal future self. The second will be how others see you. The third will be how you see yourself. Practice this until you get good at it and you can see how your answers relate to your current emotional situation.

Also draw doodles and consider their meaning. For example, draw three empty circles and then turn them into pictures. Then consider the pictures’ meanings.

You can learn emotional logic by going thoroughly through all of the emotions. There are only about eighty words for them, so it is not a big project. Study the rules for each named emotion.

If you have trouble getting started, read Book Two of Aristotle’s Rhetoric. Emotions are substantially the same now as they were in his time, and he was a very smart man.

Learn Mill’s Methods

John Stuart Mill is famous for inventing a moral theory called “utilitarianism.” He should be famous for discovering Mill’s methods, which are five methods of working out general rules of cause and effect from many particular cases.

Learn Mill’s Methods. Study them thoroughly. Apply them everywhere. Use them to practice dream interpretation. Study Shakespeare with them. They, along with waking up your non-dominant hemisphere, will bring you great insight.

I will not go through them here. You can find them easily, on Wikipedia and elsewhere.


You become the person you radiate. Learn to radiate cool, Godly, compassionate love. This is better than the hot, passionate love we tend toward because that entangles us uselessly in sufferings.

Pain is necessary. Suffering is not. Learn that pain and things not going according to plan and people’s lives being stupidly and needlessly ruined are part of the deal. You can help by sending them your kindness and love, even after their deaths.

The body is only a tether. It keeps us here, and it feeds us spiritual energy. Another tether is the mind.

You can push energy to people. When you feel a certain way, you push that emotion with it. Push positive energy and become a good person!

Visit People

When you get good at meditating, visit your friends and loved ones and others who practice. Respect them. You may find with others who practice you end up having ‘astral sex’ once or twice. It’s an education.

By visiting people, you can also get guides. Remember that your guides’ information may not always be accurate. I have heard that every two years or so your guides will change, and that surprised me because it had been true of mine. But for my part, this was something I went through. I was experimenting, and it turned out after that many people experiment in this way and get similar results.

I suggest you go through it too. It is not something to get too wrapped up in. It does not lead to any great benefits.

You can also climb into the bright white light. It’s painful there when you are impure. But being there burns off your evil. I call it the Furnace. When you’re strong enough, climb through it to the second. And then through that one to a third, and so on — they’re like veils.

You may be called on to help a soul over after death. I’ve done this three times. After each time I learned someone in my family had died. This is how I know it’s real.

But, since this is going to a mixed audience: I do not believe it’s healthy to get preoccupied with these things, and certainly not with contacting spirits of people who are dead. Compared to what I have experience of, most people who hold themselves out as spiritualists who commune with the dead are hucksters. If they really knew what they were doing, they would tell the bereaved to send the dead their love and to tell them to go on to the next thing.


Currently, I believe in reincarnation more than Heaven, and that souls are not discreet but are built up of soul-stuff. After the crucifixion, the Holy Ghost really did walk around and influence people. The descriptions of people shaking and speaking in tongues is similar to experiences I have had when visited by someone who had just died, although my experiences were lesser. Over time, He became incarnated bit by bit, because every visitation spent a little of his energy. People took His divine substance into themselves. They ate him and became blessed.

God is the telepathically-bound mass consciousness of loving mind in humanity. The Devil is that of hate. You MUST reply to hate by pushing it away with love. The future of mankind’s soul depends on it.

People who are creatures of hate really do go after those of us who are good and trying to be good. They intend to “teach” us something: That is, to corrupt us. It was very surprising to me to learn this. You must be prepared for it. Turn the other cheek.

I believe that Christianity and Buddhism are the same religion. Both teach brotherly love. Both teach letting go of worldly things. Both update an older religion.

Perhaps they are types of each other. If Christ had had more time, I think his teaching would have looked like a Jewish version of the Buddha’s:

Christ tells us to love our neighbor as ourself, but does not tell us how. So we get Pauline doctrine, which is an alternative to what Christ taught. Buddhism does teach us how to love our neighbors, but it is fatalistic. There is less incentive to help our neighbors in Buddhism.

I think we need to combine these. We can still be Christians or Buddhists, but we can learn a great deal from the other. We can both make our pain meaningful by struggling to make it a meaningful sacrifice and let go of desire to attain peace. I’m not there yet — maybe in a few lifetimes — but I can see it is possible.

I forgive those who kill me and wish they become good people.

I shake my father’s hand, who I have been so angry with.

I regret my family’s mourning.

May you the reader become a better person and be enlightened or saved. Have a good full human life.

I believe I am still alive, after all these unlikely events, because God has wanted me to do something. And I think this is it: writing this little manual.

I wanted to do much more in my life. I am good at reading people and wanted to interview spiritually awake people about how they got that way, to sort for common elements. It seems I won’t have the chance. If you find yourself able to read people well, maybe you can do it.

My family cannot believe that anyone wants to kill me, but they have given me wonderful help nevertheless. They bought me time to come to terms with things and to finish this and its ancillary projects. I’m lucky to have known them.

I’m headed someplace good.

copyright Conrad Cook, 2010

All Rights Reserved.

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