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MaxReps: 25
Set: hh=[!manName] //hero
Set: ee=[!manName] //enemy
Set: ff=[!manName] //friend
Set: vv=[!manName] //victim
Set: ww=[!womanName] //woman
Set: oww=[!womanName] //other woman
Set: chch=[|[@manName]|[@womanName]] //child
Set: auau=[@manName] //authority
Set: obj=[@objectName] //MacGuffins etc
//Set: oauau=[@auauName]//other authority
//Set: off=[@ffName] //other friend
//Set: oee=[@eeName] //other enemy
//Set: ovv=[@vvName] //other victim

table: Go
~~[@mainplot] \nThis [@genre >> lower] story is about \a [|man|woman|stranger|adversary|friend|innocent|penitent] who struggles [@Theme >> Lower] [|but does it|] because of [@Motive >> Lower]. \nAct I – [!{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct IIa – [!{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct IIb – [!{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct IIc – [!{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct IIIa – [!{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct IIIb – [!{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct IIIc – [!{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nIn this story, [@UniversalTwist].

//[@mainplot] \nThis [@genre >> lower] story is about \a [|man|woman|stranger|adversary|friend|innocent|penitent] who struggles [@Theme >> Lower] [|but does it|] because of [@Motive >> Lower]. \nAct I – [@{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct II – [@{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct III – [@{1d2+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nIn this story, [@UniversalTwist].

table: genre
2: [@historical]
5: [@Adventure]
2: romance
1: [@crimefiction]
2: [@comedy]
1: [@documentary]
3: [@horror]
2: western
8: [@ScienceFiction]
7: [@Fantasy]

table: Historical
text book
Historical fiction
Alternate history
Period Piece
Costume drama

table: Adventure
epic journey
Spy Fiction
Martial Arts
Kung Fu

table: ScienceFiction
computers or machines
space travel
time travel
alternate universe travel
alien life form
genetic engineering
military SF
Space Opera

table: fantasy
magic and supernatural forces
science fantasy
[|Tolkeinesque |]high fantasy
twilight zone-ish

table: crimefiction
crime fiction
murder mystery

table: comedy
comedy of manners – stock characters, scandal, and witty dialog
black comedy about [|death | murder | suicide | drugs | war]
romantic comedy

table: documentary
[|political documentary | social documentary | mockumentary | propaganda documentary ]

table: horror
[|monster | giant monster | slasher | survival horror | zombies | thriller | disaster thriller | psychological thriller | crime thriller | techno thriller ]

table: Mainplot
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew seek shelter from [|the elements | some threat] and find a place to hole up: but, they have stumbled across something [|dangerous |secret |supernatural], and must deal with it in order to rest. [|The shelter contains the cause of the threat {$hh} and crew were trying to avoid. |The shelter contains a Hidden Base. |{$hh} and crew must not only struggle for survival, but for survival. |{$hh} and crew must earn the trust of the locals.]
[@StoryTitle] – Some bad guys have arrived and done bad things, leaving before {$hh} and crew found out. {$hh} and crew must chase them before they escape completely. [|They made their getaway by stealing a conveyance that {$hh} and crew know better than they do. |They have entered a literal or metaphorical side-road, in an attempt to blend into [|an |a hostile] environment.]
[@StoryTitle] – [|Through trickery|By digging into {$hh}`s past], {$ee} has gotten something to hold over {$hh}`s head and make him jump. This is a [|physical|social|legal|intra-group] threat, which is based on [|real misconduct|a frame]. Now {$hh} and crew are compelled to do things which they don’t want. {$hh} and crew must end the cycle of blackmail, deprive him of his edge, and keep him temporarily satisfied while doing it. [|The story begins with {$hh} doing {$ee} a good turn, unwittingly giving him this opportunity.|To succeed, {$hh} and crew must contact other people thus being used.|Actually, {$hh} and crew aren’t personally the people being blackmailed, but [|a friend {$ff}|a charge [|{$ww}|{$vv}]].]
[@StoryTitle] – Mission objective: enter the dangerous place, and obtain the {$obj}. Then get out safely. Overcome the active and passive defenses to do this. [|The goal is to [|destroy something|kill someone|sabotage a harmful process].|The {$obj} has moved.|The goal is information, which must be disseminated as soon as possible.|The job must be done without alerting anyone.|{$hh} and crew don’t realize how dangerous the place is.|{$hh} and crew must swap the {$obj} with something smuggled in.]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew must secure a military target for the good guys. There are bad guys here to fight them: it’s all in the tactics. [|{$hh} and crew must assemble or train a force to do the job.|{$hh} and crew are working with flawed intelligence and the territory is not as described.|{$hh} and crew must coordinate his efforts with [|an ally|rival] group.|The territory includes [|a population of innocents|fragile goods|precious or strategic cargo] which mustn’t be harmed.]
[@StoryTitle] – This is a place where bad things live. {$hh} and crew must make it safe for nice people, systematically clearing it of danger. [|The bad things can’t be beaten with direct conflict.|{$hh} and crew must learn more about the bad things to solve the problem.|The Haunted House.|The Alien Infestation.|The Wild Forest.]
{$hh} and the {$obj} – {$hh} and crew are treasure-hunters, who have caught wind of a treasure-laden ruin. {$hh} and crew go to explore it, but must deal with its [|supernatural|monstrous|automated|mindless|tormented] guards to win the {$obj} and get out alive. [|The {$obj} itself is something dangerous.|The {$obj} isn’t in a ruin, but [|in a wilderness|hidden someplace apparently civilized].|The {$obj} is someone else’s private property.|{$hh} and crew don’t realize the {$obj} has a will of its own.]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are stranded in a strange place, and must survive by finding food and shelter. [|{$hh} and crew must survive only until [|help arrives|something is repaired|they can repair something].|Then {$hh} and crew must find their way home.]
[@StoryTitle] – \A [|theft|murder|atrocity|act of [|sabotage|espionage|malice]] has been committed. {$hh} and crew must discover who did it by interviewing witnesses, and protect them from murder; they must find clues, and prevent them from being destroyed or tampered with; and ultimately {$hh} and crew must [|deliver the information to the authorities|take matters into their own hands]. [|They are working to clear false suspicion from [|an innocent|ourselves].|They must work alongside [|a professional investigator|an hostile ally|an unwanted side-kick].|Midway through, they get too close and are taken off the case.|The climax is a courtroom scene.] This happens in [|a small family|a league or corporation|a small town|a commune|a city|a religious organization|a political organization|a government|a vast network of powerful people].
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew must [|take to safety|return to the rightful place] [|the {$obj}|{$ww}], against the interferences of chance and rivals who want to [|destroy|capture] it. [|But their charge does not cooperate.|The destination has been [|destroyed|taken over] by the enemy, and {$hh} and crew must therefore complete the job themselves.|Safe arrival doesn’t end the story; {$hh} and crew must negotiate the safe transferance.|{$hh} and crew must protect their charge covertly, without anyone knowing about it.]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are placed in charge of a large operation like [|a trading company|a feudal barony|the CIA] and must, despite lack of experience in such things, make it work and thrive. [|{$hh} and crew are brought in because a calamity is impending, and the Old Guard want a chance to escape.|{$hh} and crew are resented because [|the transferance of power looks outwardly bad|everyone loved the old boss|of jealousy].]
[@StoryTitle] – A [|person|church|group|nation|civilization] is in a hazardous situation they can’t survive without rescue. {$hh} and crew must help them. [|The victims are hostages, and {$hh} and crew must [|deal with the captors|break the siege].|There is a danger that any rescue attempts will strand the rescuers in the victim’s bind.|The victims aren’t people, but [|robots|animals|aliens|mythical creatures|something hitherto unknown].|The victim doesn’t realize rescue is needed, but thinks everything is fine.|The threat isn’t villain-based at all, but a [|natural disaster|technological malfunction|plague].|{$hh} and crew can’t leave; something must be addressed at this location.|{$hh} and crew begin as rescuers, become trapped, and must escape and get reinforcements.]
[@StoryTitle] – At random {$hh} and crew discover a hornet’s nest of {$ee}`s bad guys, preparing for Super-Bigtime Evil. {$hh} and crew must find a way to [|get the word to {$ff}|disable the base’s Evil Capacity|[|capture|kill] {$ee}|destroy the base]. [|{$hh} and crew must work with a local resource to have a chance.|]
[@StoryTitle] – Within a defined area, something [|important|valuable] exists: perhaps the {$obj}. [|{$hh} and crew|{$hh}`s employers] want it, but so do one or more other groups. The ones who get it will be those who can out-manuver the others, can deal best with the natives, and who learns the most about the {$obj}. Each competing group has its own agenda and resources. [|The natives require the competing factions to [|compete|state their case as friends] before they will help.|The {$obj} was en route somewhere else when its [|conveyance was destroyed|courier was killed] due to \a [|mistake|enemy act|accident|adverse environmental effect|miscalculation].]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are minding their own business when they are attacked or threatened. They don’t know why. {$hh} and crew must solve the mystery of the attacker’s motives, and meanwhile fend off more attacks. [|{$hh} and crew unwittingly have something the attackers want.|The attackers want revenge for actions from a prior adventure.|The attackers have mistaken us for others.]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are a diplomatic vanguard, trying to [|open|soothe damaged] relations with [|political|trade] with a strange culture. All they have to do is manage for a day or two without offending anybody: but the information they have is incomplete and dangerously misleading. [|{$hh} and crew were chosen by someone who is banking on {$hh}`s failure, and may be actively sabotaging them.|]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are working surveillance, [|spying on [|{$vv}|{$ff}|{$ww}]|gathering information about a beast in the wild|scouting a new sector]. {$hh} and crew discover information that leads them to want to intervene, but they can’t directly. [|The target gets itself in trouble and {$hh} must decide whether to break the rule.|The target is about to cause trouble and {$hh} and crew must decide whether to break the rule.|{$hh} and crew by their presence cause trouble for the target and must decide how to handle it.]
[@StoryTitle] – Someone is gone, for unknown reasons. {$hh} and crew are called in by someone who needs them returned. [|The target has been captured [|specifically to lure us into danger|].|The target is dangerous and escaped from a facility designed to protect the public.|The target is valuable and escaped from a place designed to keep him safe, cozy, and handy.|The target has a reason for leaving {$hh} and crew will sympathize with.|The target has stumbled across another adventure [|as protagonist|as victim], which {$hh} and crew must then take on ourselves.|The “missing person” is an entire expedition or pilgrimage of some time.|The target is neither a runaway nor missing nor lost: they’re just someone {$hh} and crew have been hired to track down[| under false pretenses.|.]]
[@StoryTitle] – One or more of us wakes up with no memory of the recent past, and now are trapped in some kind of trouble {$hh} and crew don’t understand. {$hh} and crew must find the reason for the memory lapse, and solve the problems as the mystery unravels. [|The memories have been suppressed or erased voluntarily, so the recovery amounts to undoing one’s own work.|]
[@StoryTitle] – Something bad and inexplicable is happening, and a lot of people are troubled by it: [|People|animals|strangers|monsters|financial crises|rabid babies|diseases] [|run rampant|are destroying the natural order of society|are altering the sexual mores]. {$hh} and crew must track the phenomenon to its source, and stop it. [|{$hh} and crew are unwittingly responsible for the whole thing.|What seems to be a problem of a [|technological|personal|biological|medical|chemical|political|magical] nature is actually a problem of another nature entirely.|]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are assigned to guard a single tactically vital spot — \a [|bridge|mountain pass|hyperjump|space station|underwater base|refueling station], perhaps — and {$hh} and crew must plan their defensive strategy, set up watches, set traps, distribute resources, and so on; and then deal with the enemy. [|Their intelligence is faulty. Acting on the new information could result in danger, but so could not acting on it.|{$hh} and crew learn that the enemy has a good and sympathetic reason for wanting to destroy their post.|]
[@StoryTitle] – Minding his own business, {$hh} and crew are zapped into a strange place. {$hh} and crew must discover where they are, why they are here and how to return. [|{$hh} and crew were brought specifically to help {$ff}, who is trouble.|{$hh} and crew were brought by accident, as a by-product of something strange and secret.|{$ee} was brought along [|with them|separately], and now {$hh} and crew have a new battleground, and innocents whose loyalties to fight over.|]
[@StoryTitle] – {$ee} is getting ready to do something bad, and {$hh} and crew have been tipped off by {$vv}. {$hh} and crew must investigate and then act to prevent it. [|The initial tip-off was a red herring meant to distract {$hh} from the real threat.|There are two simultaneous threats, and no apparent way to address them both.|]
[@StoryTitle] – Someone has [|tampered with Things Man Ought Not|opened a portal to Dimension X|opened the way to someplace weird|opened a passage to the Land of the Dead]. Before {$hh} and crew can confront the source of the trouble, {$hh} and crew must deal with the waves of trouble emanating from it. [|{$hh} and crew can’t simply destroy the released trouble, but must collect it and put it back to the source.|{$hh} and crew are drawn into the source and must solve problems on that end before returning.|[|The {$obj}|The original opener] is needed to fix the breach.|This turns out to be time travel.|]
[@StoryTitle] – Someone needs the {$obj} to [|fulfill a prophecy|heal the monarch|prevent a cure|cure a disease|save the world]. {$hh} and crew must find the {$obj}. {$hh} and crew must learn more about how to track it down, and then take it from wherever it is. [|The {$obj} is incomplete when found.|Someone already owns it.|Someone recently stole it.|The {$obj} is not really \a {$obj}, but [|information|a substance|an idea].|{$hh} and crew must go undercover or infiltrate a [|group|society|hidden city|cult], winning the {$obj} by guile or stealth.]
[@StoryTitle] – A [|town|castle|starship|planet|outpost] is lying in ruins. Very recently, it was thriving. {$hh} and crew must enter the ruins, explore them, and find out what happened. [|The thing that ruined this place — [|enemies|weird radiation|monsters|an unknown race|ghosts|a disease] — is still a threat; {$hh} and crew must save the day.|The inhabitants destroyed themselves.]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew must travel through a hazardous area without getting [|killed|eaten|robbed|humiliated|debased|diseased|educated|converted] by whatever is there. The troubles {$hh} and crew encounter are largely environmental — the place itself is the “villain.” [|The place isn’t dangerous at all, and the apparent threats are actually attempts to communicate.|]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are on a hunting expedition, to capture or kill an elusive and prized creature. {$hh} and crew must deal with its environment, its ability to evade them, and perhaps its ability to fight them. [|The creature is immune to their devices and weapons.|There are other people actively protecting the creature.|The creature’s lair allows {$hh} and crew to stumble onto another adventure.|]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew take part in a [|race|contest|tournament|scavenger hunt|sport of some kind]; {$hh} and crew must win. [|The competition is dishonest, and {$hh} and crew must [|honestly|] overcome their adversary [|{$ee}|{$ff}|{$vv}]`s attempts to win.|{$hh} and crew are competing for a deeper purpose than victory: perhaps to [|keep another contestant [{$ff}|{$ww}|{$vv}] safe|spy on another contestant [{$ee}|{$ww}|{$vv}]|gain access to the competition grounds].|{$hh} and crew don’t wish to win, but only to prevent the villain {$ee} from winning.|The event is a deliberate test of their abilities[| for entry into an organization|].|The event becomes more deadly than it’s supposed to.]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are imprisoned, and must engineer an escape, overcoming all barriers, guards, animals, automatic measures, and dealing with the prison’s geographic isolation. [|Something has happened in the outside world and security has become lax consequently.|{$hh} and crew have been hired to test the prison; {$hh} and crew aren’t normal inmates.|Another prisoner {$vv} blows the whistle for revenge.|{$hh} and crew are there to spy on another prisoner [|{$ee}|{$vv}], but then are mistaken for real inmates and kept incarcerated.|{$hh} and crew must escape on a tight schedule to get to a rendezvous (and another story) outside the walls.|]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are on-board a populated conveyance — \a [|airline|cruise ship|ferry|blimp|sleeper starship], perhaps — when it is hijacked. {$hh} and crew must take action while the normals sit hostage. [|The hijackers are government agents pulling a complicated caper, forcing {$hh} to take sides.|The hijackers doon’t realize there’s a secondary danger that must be dealt with, and any attempt to convince them is considered a trick.|The normals, especially {$vv}, are unhelpful or hostile because they think {$hh} and crew are making things worse.|]
[@StoryTitle] – [|{$ee} and crew|A bad guy and friends|Bad people] are kicking up trouble of some kind. {$hh} and crew have to deal with it. [|{$hh} and crew must not harm the perpetrators(s), but capture them alive and well.|The bad guys have prepared something dangerous and hidden as insurance if they are captured.|The ‘bad guy’ is \a [|monster|dangerous animal|intelligent creature that everyone thinks is an animal|public figure|superior officer|politician|CEO].|A balance of power perpetuates the trouble, and {$hh} and crew must choose sides to tip the balance and fix things.|The trouble is diplomatic or political, and {$hh} and crew must make peace, not war.]
[@StoryTitle] – {$hh} and crew are explorers, and their goal is to enter an unknown territory and scope it out. The job isn’t routine: something is there, something fascinating and threatening. [|The place itself is threatening, so {$hh} and crew must play National Geographic while trying to escape with their [|lives|virtue|sanity|souls] intact.|The place is valuable and wonderful, and something else there is keen on making sure {$hh} and crew don’t let anyone else know.|{$hh} and friends get stranded when their [|transportation konks out|communications konk out|transportation is destroyed|crew leaves them behind].]

Table: UniversalTwist
{$hh} and crew are on the outside looking in
the point of view is traditionally the NPC’s perspective
there’s a major role-reversal halfway through
{$hh} and crew have an uncommon partner: they must work with someone [|they’d rather not|who wants to kill them]
the victims are villains and the villains victims
there are Others who can help, if {$hh} and crew help them first
the real villain is {$hh}`s friend
{$hh} and crew must act [|without violence|with great discretion]
{$hh} and crew must do without their regular [|powers|equipment|authority]
the villain is {$hh}`s old nemesis {$ee}
his predecessors have already failed — {$hh} and crew find [|them [|locked up|dying|dead|gone native|completely insane]|their [|equipment|map|journal|vehicle|empty clothing]]
there are innocents nearby who {$hh} and crew must protect
the adventure begins suddenly — {$hh} and crew are thrown into it
{$hh} and crew must go [|incognito|as spies|under enemy colors]
with limited resources, {$hh} and crew must choose who or what to save
{$hh}`s mission is limited in scope: the problem will continue
[|{$hh}|{$ff}|{$ww}|{$vv}|{$ee}|{$oww}] is accepted as a [|lost heir|noble|god|prophet]
[|{$ff}|{$ee}|{$ww}|{$oww}|{$vv}] leads another group like {$hh}`s in competition for the same thing

Table: Theme // –who struggles…
with Deception
[|with poverty|to win an inheritance|with the cost of wealth|in a vicious competition [|for great wealth|for a paltry sum|to keep rightfully owned property|to keep ill-gotten gains]]
with Authority
to Make Amends
with a Conspiracy
to Rescue someone
[|to develop a personal sense of|with a dissolving|against a mistaken|to conceal their true] Identity
with [|Illicit|Sick] Love
with [|having committed a|the urge to commit a|recovering from a life of|the desire to commit a spiritual] Crime
with Suspicion
with Suicide
and Searches
with [|Dishonor|Honor]

Table: Motive // –but does it because of…
a need for Revenge
a [|natural|man-made|deliberate|social|military|engineering|personal] Disaster
a deep [|Love|Hatred] for [|one of {$hh}`s crew|one of the adversaries|the cause|one of the locals|{$hh}`s boss|their boss|a member of [|their|{$hh}`s] family|someone long dead]
[|the enemy’s|{$hh}`s|the need for] pursuit
[|a need for|a desire to prevent the|the turmoil caused by the] Rebellion
[|a personal|a private|a public|a political|an unexpected|a predicted|a vicious|a spiritual] Betrayal
[|the threat of|the desire to join the|the desire to start a|the need to flee the] Persecution
[|a need to avoid|personal|their friend’s|their enemy’s] Self-Sacrifice
[|personal|professional|romantic|family] Rivalry
\a [|terrible|mysterious|long-sought|political|spiritual|technological|unexpected|paradoxical] Discovery
[|personal|corrosive|noble|doomed] Ambition
the need for Survival


//Table: Go
//Act I – [@{1d3+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct II – [@{1d3+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct III – [@{1d3+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\n[|Act IV – [@{1d3+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]\nAct V – [@{1d3+1} Situation >> implode &nbsp&nbsp]|]

Table: Situation

Table: Supplication // need Persecutor, Supplicant, and Authority
{$vv} implores {$hh}`s boss {$auau} for help against the evil {$ee}.
{$vv} implores {$hh}`s boss {$auau} for assistance in doing a Pious Duty, which {$ee} has forbidden.
{$vv} appeals to {$hh}`s boss {$auau} for a refuge in which to die.
{$vv} has been shipwrecked and appeals to {$hh}`s boss {$auau} for hospitality.
{$vv}, abandoned by one`s own people for some terrible disgrace, seeks charity from {$hh}`s boss {$auau}.
{$vv} seeks [|a pardon|healing|deliverance] from {$hh}`s boss {$auau}.
{$ff} seeks help from {$hh}`s boss {$auau} for {$vv}, {$ff}`s [!UnisexRelation].
{$ff} seeks help from {$hh}, who is {$ff}`s [!UnisexRelation], for {$ff}`s [!UnisexRelation], {$vv}.
{$hh} is approached by {$ff}, the child of his lover {$ww}, on her behalf.

Table: Deliverance //need Unfortunate, Threatener, and Rescuer
{$hh} arrives to rescue {$vv}, who has been condemned.
{$vv} is placed on a throne by {$vv}`s adult child, {$ff}.
{$vv} is rescued by [|friends|grateful strangers|mysterious strangers], especially {$ff}.

Table: PursuedByVengeance //need Avenger and Criminal
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to avenge the [|slaying|dishonoring|injuring] of {$hh}`s [!MaleRelation], {$vv}.
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to avenge the slaying of {$hh}`s [!UnisexRelation].
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to avenge {$hh}`s {$chch} being [|victimized|shamed].
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to avenge the [|slaying|dishonoring|attempted dishonoring] of his [|wife|mistress] {$ww}.
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to avenge the seduction of his sister {$oww}.
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to avenge a deliberate [|injury|rape].
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to avenge {$ww} having been raped while {$hh} was absent.
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to revenge an attempted slaying.
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to revenge a false accusation.
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to revenge a violation.
{$hh} pursues {$ee} to revenge being robbed.
{$hh} pursues {$ee} as part of revenge upon an entire sex for the wrongdoing of one.
{$hh} is a [|bounty hunter|cop|secret agent], and pursues the criminal {$ee}.

Table: Vengeance // Hero, dead Victim, Enemy, someone relative of h+e
{$hh} avenges his father`s death upon his mother {$oww}.
{$hh} avenges his mother`s death upon his father {$ee}.
{$hh} avenges his brother {$ff}`s death upon his son {$ee}.
{$hh} avenges his father {$ff}`s death upon a husband {$ee}.
{$ww} avenges her husband {$ff}`s death upon her father {$ee}.
{$hh} avenges his [!UnisexRelation]`s death upon his [!UnisexRelation].

Table: Pursuit // fugitive //punishment
{$hh} is a fugitive from justice, pursued for [|robbery|political offenses].
{$hh} is pursued for a fault of love – [!VolCrmLove]
{$hh} struggles against a power.
{$hh} feigns madness in his struggle against a sinister psychologist {$ee}.

Table: Disaster // Vanquished Power, victorious Enemy or Messenger
{$hh} suffers the defeat of his boss {$auau}.
{$hh} suffers the destruction of his home.
{$hh} witnesses and cannot stop the fall of humanity.
{$hh} finds himself in a natural disaster.
The [|monarch|dictator|CEO|president|prime minister|glorious leader] {$auau} is overthrown.
{$hh} suffers the ingratitude of [|his friend {$ff}|his beloved {$ww}|his enemy {$ee}|his boss {$auau}|the child {$chch}|his rival {$ff}].
{$hh} suffers the unjust [|punishment|enmity] of [|his friend {$ff}|his beloved {$ww}|his enemy {$ee}|his boss {$auau}|the child {$chch}|his rival {$ff}].
{$hh} suffers an outrage from [|his friend {$ff}|his beloved {$ww}|his enemy {$ee}|his boss {$auau}|the child {$chch}|his rival {$ff}], who [|steals his dearest possession|robs him of his livelihood|sabotages his social position|sabotages his family|robs him of his fortune].
{$ww} is abandoned by her [|lover|husband].
The child {$chch} is lost by the parents {$ww} and {$ff}.

Table: FallingPrey // a Victim; a Master or misfortune.
[|{$ww}|{$vv}] becomes the victim of an ambitious intrigue.
{$ww} is despoiled by {$ee}, her protector.
The great {$auau} is made dispossessed and wretched.
{$hh} finds that his boss {$auau}, who once had favored him, has forgotten him.
{$ff} is robbed of his only hope.

Table: Revolt //a bold leader; an Object; an Adversary
{$hh} prepares to lead a revolt against {$auau} and his henchman {$ee}.
{$hh} prepares to fight a revolt against his boss {$auau}, which is lead by his enemy {$ee}.
{$hh} leads a revolt [|in a battle |]against {$auau} and his henchman {$ee}.
{$hh} fights for his boss {$auau} [|in a battle |]against a revolt lead by his enemy {$ee}.
{$hh} carries the {$obj}, protecting it against {$ee}.
{$hh} transports and guards {$ww}, protecting her against {$ee}.
{$hh} recaptures [|{$obj}|{$ww}] from {$ee}.
{$hh} leads an adventurous expedition.
{$hh} goes on an adventure to win his beloved, {$ww}.

Table: DaringEnterprise // Leader, Object, Adversary
{$hh} prepares for war against {$ee}.
{$hh} goes to war against {$ee}.
{$hh} battles {$ee}.
[|{$hh}|{$ee}] captures [|{$ww}|the {$obj}].
[|{$hh}|{$ee}] recaptures [|{$ww}|the {$obj}].
{$hh} goes on an adventurous expedition.
{$hh} goes on an adventurous expedition to win his beloved, {$ww}.

Table: Abduction //Abductor, Abducted, Guardian
{$ee} abducts {$ww}, who goes unwillingly.
{$ee} abducts {$ww}, who goes willingly.
{$hh} recaptures {$ww} without slaying {$ee}.
{$hh} recaptures {$ww}, slaying {$ee}.
{$hh} rescues {$ff}.
{$hh} rescues {$chch}.
{$hh} rescues [|{$vv}|{$ww}|{$ee}], a soul in captivity to error.

Table: Enigma //Interrogator, Seeker, and //Problem
{$auau} sends {$hh} on pain of death to find {$vv}, who has gone missing.
{$hh} must solve a riddle on pain of death.
The coveted woman {$ww} gives {$hh} a riddle he must solve on pain of death.
[|{$auau}|{$ee}|{$ff}|{$vv}|{$ww}] offers {$hh} temptations in order to discover his name.
[|{$auau}|{$ee}|{$ff}|{$vv}|{$ww}] offers {$hh} temptations in order to discover his sex.
[|{$auau}|{$ee}|{$ff}|{$vv}|{$ww}] test {$hh} to determine his mental condition.

Table: Obtaining // Solicitor; Adversary wo is Refusing; or else a Judge and Opposing Parties
[|{$hh}|{$ee}] attempts to obtain the {$obj} by means of [|a ruse|force|a ruse and force].
[|{$hh}|{$ee}] attempts to obtain the {$obj} by means of persuasive eloquence.
[|{$hh}|{$ee}] attempts to obtain the {$obj} by means of persuasive eloquence with a judge.

Table: KinEnmity // evil kinsman; reciprocally hating kinsman
{$hh} is hated by his brothers, [|{$ff}, |{$ee}, |{$ff}, {$ee},] and {$vv}.
{$ee} is hated by his brothers, [|{$ff}, |{$hh}, |{$ff}, {$hh},] and {$vv}.
{$hh} hates and is hated by his brother {$ee}.
[!3 Males >> implode] and [!Females] are [!2 MaleRelation >> implode] and [!xGenderRelation]; they all hate each other due to self-interest.
[!2 Males >> implode] and [!Females] are [!MaleRelation] and [!xGenderRelation]; they all hate each other due to self-interest.
[|{$hh} hates his father {$ff}.|{$hh} is hated by his son {$ff}.]
[|{$hh} hates his son {$ff}.|{$hh} is hated by his father {$ff}.]
[|{$hh} hates and is hated by his son {$ff}.|{$hh} hates and is hated by his father {$ff}.]
{$ww} hates her father {$ff}.
[|{$hh} hates his grandson {$ff}.|{$ff} hates his grandson {$hh}.]
[|{$hh} hates his son-in-law {$ff}.|{$ff} hates his son-in-law {$hh}.]
[|{$ww} hates her daughter-in-law {$oww}.|{$oww} hates her daughter-in-law {$ww}.]
[|{$auau}|{$hh}|{$ff}|{$ee}|{$vv}] [|kills|attempts to kill|believes he has successfully killed] his baby {$chch}.
[|{$ww}|{$oww}] [|kills|attempts to kill|believes she has successfully killed] her baby {$chch}.
[|{$auau}|{$hh}|{$ff}|{$ee}|{$vv}] and [|{$ww}|{$oww}] [|kill|attempts to kill|believe they have successfully killed] their baby {$chch}.

Table: KinRivalry //Preferred Kinsman; Rejected Kinsman; Object
//Malicious Rivalry of a Brother
//Malicious Rivalry of Two Brother
//Rivalry of a Brother with one an Adulterer
//Rivalry of Sisters
//Rivalry of Father and Son, for an Unmarried Woman
//Rivalry of Father and Son, for a Married Woman.
//Rivalry of Father and Son, for Father’s Wife
//Rivalry of Mother and Daughter
//C Rivalry of Cousins
//D Rivalry of Friends
{$hh} is rivals with his [!UnisexRelation] [|{$ff}|{$ee}|{$vv}|{$auau}] for the affections of [|{$ww}|{$oww}].
{$ww} is rivals with her [!UnisexRelation] {$oww} for the affections of {$hh}.

Table: MurderousAdultery //2 adulterers; a betrayed Husband or Wife
{$ww} decides to slay her husband {$hh} for her lover {$ee}.
{$ww} decides to slay her husband {$hh} for her lover {$ff}.
{$ww} decides to slay her husband {$ee} for her lover {$hh}.
{$ww} decides to slay her husband {$ff} for her lover {$hh}.
{$ww} decides to slay her trusting lover {$hh}.
{$ww} decides to slay her trusting lover {$hh}.
{$ww} decides to slay her trusting lover {$ee}.
{$ww} decides to slay her trusting lover {$ff}.
{$hh} decides to slay his wife {$ww} [|for his lover {$oww}.|in self-interest.]
{$ff} decides to slay his wife {$ww} [|for his lover {$oww}.|in self-interest.]
{$ee} decides to slay his wife {$ww} [|for his lover {$oww}.|in self-interest.]

Table: Madness //Madman and Victim
{$hh} in madness slays {$ff}, his [!UnisexRelation].
{$ww} in madness slays her lover [|{$hh}|{$ff}|{$vv}|{$ee}|{$auau}].
[|{$ww}|{$oww}] in madness slays her lover {$hh}.
{$hh} in madness slays [|{$ww}|{$ff}|{$vv}|{$oww}|{$auau}].
{$hh} in madness brings disgrace upon himself.
{$hh} in madness ensures the loss of his [!UnisexRelation] [!notHH].
[!Ppl] goes mad from fear of hereditary insanity.
Table: Imprudence // The Imprudent; the Victim or the Object Lost
[!Ppl] causes own misfortune through imprudent action.
[!Ppl] causes own dishonor through imprudent action.
[!Ppl] causes own misfortune through curiosity.
[!Ppl] causes loss of [!unisexRelation] [!Ppl] through curiosity.
[!Ppl]`s curiosity causes [!Ppl]`s death.
[!Ppl]`s imprudence causes [!UnisexRel] [!Ppl]`s death.
[!Ppl]`s credulity causes [!UnisexRel] [!Ppl]`s death.

Table: AccCrmLove //Lover, Beloved, Revealer
{$hh} discovers he has married his mother, {$ww}.
{$hh} discovers he has had a sister, {$ww}, as mistress.
{$hh} discovers he has married his sister, {$ww}.
{$hh} discovers he has married his sister, {$ww}, which has been villainously planned by {$ee}.
{$hh} is on the point of taking his sister, {$oww}, unknowingly, as mistress.
{$hh} is on the point of unknowingly violating his daughter, {$ww}.
[|{$hh}|{$ww}] is on the point of unknowingly committing adultery.
[|{$hh}|{$ww}] commits adultery unknowingly.

Table: KinSlayer // slayer, unrecognized victim
{$hh} is on the point of unknowingly slaying daughter {$ww}, by command of \a [|divinity|oracle].
{$hh} is on the point of unknowingly slaying daughter {$ww}, through political necessity.
{$hh} is on the point of unknowingly slaying daughter {$ww}, through a rivalry in love.
{$hh} is on the point of unknowingly slaying daughter {$ww}, out of hatred of {$ww}`s lover, {$ee}.
{$hh} is on the point of unknowingly slaying son {$ff}.
{$hh} is on the point of unknowingly slaying son {$ff}, due to {$ee}`s deliberate maneuvering.
{$hh} is on the point of unknowingly slaying brother {$ff}.
{$hh} is on the point of unknowingly slaying mother {$oww}.
{$hh} unknowingly slays father {$ff}, through schemes and advice of {$ee}.
{$hh} unknowingly slays grandfather {$ff}, in vengeance and through schemes and advice of {$ee}.
{$hh} involuntarily kills beloved {$ww}.
{$hh} is on the point of killing lover {$ww}.
{$hh} fails to rescue unrecognized son {$ff}.

Table: SSac4Ideal // Hero; Ideal; Creditor=Person=Thing Sacrificed
{$hh} sacrifices his life for the sake of his word.
{$hh} sacrifices his life for the sake of his people.
{$hh} sacrifices his life for filial piety.
{$hh} sacrifices his life for the sake of his faith.
{$hh} sacrifices love and his life for [|his faith|the cause].
{$hh} sacrifices love for the sake of the State.
{$hh} sacrifices well-being for duty.
{$hh} sacrifices the ideal of honor for the ideal of faith.

Table: SSac4Kin // Hero; kinsman; creditor
{$hh} sacrifices his life for that of a [|relative|loved one].
{$hh} sacrifices his life for that of a [|relative|loved one]`s happiness.
{$hh} sacrifices ambition for a parent’s happiness.
{$hh} sacrifices ambition for a parent’s life.
{$hh} sacrifices love for a parent’s life.
{$hh} sacrifices love for happiness of child.
Due to unjust laws, {$hh} must sacrifice love for happiness of child.
{$hh} sacrifices life and honor for life of \a [|parent|loved one].
{$hh} sacrifices modesty for the life of \a [|relative|loved one].

Table: AllSac //Lover, Object of fatal passion, person/thing sac’d
{$hh} breaks religious vows of chastity for a passion.
Respect for a priest, {$ff}, destroyed.
{$hh}`s future is ruined by his passion.
{$hh} loses his position of power through passion.
{$hh} ruins his [|mind|health|life] through passion.
{$ww} ruins her [|mind|health|life] through passion.
{$hh} ruins his [|fortunes|honor] through passion.
{$ww} ruins her [|fortunes|honor] through passion.
[!Ppl] ruins own [|mind|health|life|fortunes|honor] through passion.
Temptations destroy [|{$hh}|{$ww}]`s sense of [|duty|honor|piety|self|virtue|loyalty].
[|Erotic vice|Vice|Addiction|Debauchery] destroys [|{$hh}|{$ww}]`s [|honor|fortune|life|family|cause|career].

Table: SacLoved1s //hero; beloved victim; necessity of sac
{$hh} must sacrifice his daughter {$ww} in the public interest.
{$hh} must sacrifice his daughter {$ww} to fulfill a vow to God.
{$hh} must sacrifice [|Benefactor|loved one] to his faith.
{$hh} must sacrifice his child {$chch}, unknown to others, out of necessity.
{$hh} must sacrifice his [|wife {$ww}|father {$ff}], unknown to others, out of necessity.
{$hh} must sacrifice his son-in-law {$ff} for the public good.
{$hh} must fight with his [|brother-in-law|friend] for the public good.

Table: Rivalry // superior rival; inferior; object
The mortal {$hh} struggles against his immortal rival {$auau} to win the affections of {$ww}.
The ordinary man {$hh} struggles against his rival the magician {$auau} to win the affections of {$ww}.
One of the conquered people, {$hh} struggles against his rival {$auau}, one of the conquerors, to win the affections of {$ww}.
The noble {$hh} struggles against his rival and superior, the great man {$auau}, to win the affections of {$ww}.
The upstart {$hh} struggles against his rival, the powerful man {$auau}, to win the affections of {$ww}.
The poor man {$hh} struggles against his rival, the rich man {$auau}, to win the affections of {$ww}.
The suspected man {$hh} struggles against his rival, the honored man {$auau}, to win the affections of {$ww}.
{$hh} and {$ff}, who are near-equals, struggle to win the affections of {$ww}.
{$ww}`s husband {$ff} and her ex-husband {$hh} fight for her affections.
{$ww}`s two ex-husbands {$ff} and {$hh} fight for her affections.
The ordinary woman {$ww} and the sorceress {$oww} fight for the affections of {$hh}.
The prisoner {$ww} and her captor {$oww} fight for the affections of {$hh}.
The matriarch {$oww} and her subject {$ww} fight for the affections of {$hh}.
The lady {$oww} and her servant {$ww} fight for the affections of {$hh}.
{$ww} fights with the memory of {$oww} for the affections of {$hh}.
The [|ideal woman|dream woman|superior woman] {$oww} and the normal woman {$ww} fight for the affections of {$hh}.
[!Males] loves [!Females]; who loves [!Males]; who loves [!Females].

Table: Adultery //betrayed spouse; adulterous spouse; another
{$hh} betrays his mistress {$ww} for a young woman, {$oww}
{$hh} betrays his mistress {$ww} for a young wife,{$oww}.
{$hh} betrays his wife {$ww} for love of a slave {$oww} who does not love him.
{$hh} betrays his wife {$ww} for debauchery with {$oww}.
{$hh} betrays his wife {$ww} for a married woman, {$oww}.
{$hh} betrays his wife {$ww} for the intention of bigamy with {$oww}.
{$hh} betrays his wife {$ww} for love of a young girl, {$oww}, who does not love him.
A young girl, {$ww} loves {$hh} and envies his wife {$oww}.
A courtesan, {$ww} loves {$hh} and envies his wife {$oww}.
{$ww} gives up an antagonistic husband, {$hh}, for a congenial lover {$ff}.
{$ww} believes her husband {$hh} lost and takes up with his rival {$ff}.
{$ww} betrays her good husband {$hh} for inferior rival {$ff}.
{$ww} betrays her good husband {$hh} for grotesque rival {$ff}.
{$ww} is perverse and betrays her good husband {$hh} for commonplace rival {$ff}.
{$ww} betrays her good husband {$hh} for rival {$ff}, who is less attractive, but useful.
{$hh}, having been betrayed by his wife {$ww}, gets vengeance.
Jealousy is sacrificed for the sake of a cause.
{$hh} is persecuted by a rejected rival.

Table: VolCrmLove //Lover, Beloved
{$ww} is in love with her son {$hh}
{$ww} is in love with her father {$hh}
{$hh} rapes his daughter {$ww}
{$ww} is in love with her stepson {$hh}.
{$ww} and her stepson {$hh} are in love with each other.
{$ww} is the mistress, at the same time, of a man {$hh} and his son {$ff}[|– they accept the situation.|.]
{$hh} becomes the lover of his sister-in-law, {$oww}.
{$hh} and his sister {$ww} are in love with each other.
{$hh} successfully seduces another man, {$ff}.
A woman, {$ww}, is in love with \a [|animal|beast|monster|alien|AI].

Table: DiscoverDishonor //Discoverer; guilty one.
{$hh} discovers the dishonorable secret of his mother, {$oww}.
{$hh} discovers the dishonorable secret of his father, {$ff}.
{$hh} discovers the dishonorable secret of his daughter, {$ww}.
{$hh} discovers dishonor in the family of his fiancee, {$ww}.
{$hh} discovers his wife {$ww} has been [|raped|seduced|taken advantage of] [|before|since] their marriage.
{$hh} discovers his wife {$ww} was formerly a prostitute.
{$hh} discovers his wife {$ww}, formerly a prostitute, has returned to her old profession.
{$hh} discovers his wife {$ww} was formerly a prostitute.
{$hh} discovers his mistress {$ww} is sleeping around.
{$ww} discovers her lover {$ff} is sleeping around.
{$hh} discovers his son {$ff} is a traitor to the country and must be punished.
{$hh} discovers his son {$ff} is condemned under a law {$hh} himself has made.
{$hh} discovers he must punish his mother {$oww} to avenge his father {$ff}.

Table: Obstacles2Love // two lovers; an obstacle
{$hh} and {$ww} can’t get married because they are of unequal rank.
{$hh} and {$ww} can’t get married because they are of unequal wealth.
{$hh} and {$ww}`s marriage is prevented by [|enemies|chance and circumstance].
{$hh} and {$ww} can’t get married because [|{$hh} has|{$ww} has|both have] been betrothed to someone else.
{$hh} and {$ww} can’t get married because their relatives oppose it.
{$hh} and {$ww} can’t get married because they have conflicting temperaments.

Table: EnemyLoved //Beloved Enemy; the Lover; the Hater
{$ww} loves {$hh}, but he is hated by her kinsman {$ff}.
{$ww} loves {$hh}, but he is being hunted by her kinsman {$ff}.
{$ww} loves {$hh}, but he is hated by her family, especially {$ff}.
{$ww} loves {$hh}, but he is hated by her party, especially {$ff}.
{$ww} loves {$hh}, but he has killed her kinsman {$ff}.

Table: Ambition // Ambitious person; coveted thing; adversary
{$hh}`s ambition watched for and guarded against by {$ff} [|the kinsman|who is under obligation].
{$hh} in ambition rebels against {$auau}.
{$hh}, out of ambition and covetry, heaps crime upon crime.

Table: ConflictWGod // A Mortal; an Immortal
{$hh} struggles against a deity.
{$hh} struggles with the believers of a deity.
{$hh} has a controversy with a deity.
{$hh} is punished for contempt of a deity.
{$hh} is punished for pride before a deity.

Table: MistakenJealousy //the Jealous one; Object of jealousy; the supposed accomplice; the author of the mistake
{$hh} is jealous of {$ww} and {$ff}, but the mistake originates in his own mind.
{$hh} is jealous of {$ww} and {$ff}, because coincidence creates an illusion of evidence.
{$hh} is jealous of {$ww} and {$ff}, but the love between them is truly Platonic.
{$hh} is jealous of {$ww} and {$ff}, from giving too much credence to malicious rumors.
{$hh} is jealous of {$ww} and {$ff}, from giving too much credence to rumors spread by {$ee} out of [|hatred|self-interest].
{$hh} and his wife {$ww} are jealous of each other, due to the machinations of the rival [|{$ff}|{$oww}]

Table: MistakenJudgement // Mistaken Person; Victim of Mistake; Author of Mistake; Guilty Person
{$hh} has false suspicion of [|his wife {$ww}|his friend {$ff}] where faith is necessary.
{$hh} has false suspicion of his mistress {$ww}.
{$hh} develops false suspicion of [|his wife {$ww}|his friend {$ff}] by misunderstanding their attitude.
{$hh} draws false suspicions on himself to shield his friend {$ff}.
{$hh} has false suspicions fall on him; but {$hh} himself [|mistakenly believes them to be true|had bad intentions].
{$ff} witnesses a crime. To shield [|{$hh}|{$ww}], he lets accusation fall on the innocent {$hh}.
{$hh} allows the accusation to fall falsely on his enemy {$ee}.
{$hh} is falsely accused through the actions of his enemy {$ee}.
{$hh} is falsely accused through the actions of his enemy {$ee}, who is the real culprit.
{$hh} is the second victim falsely accused. He is the primary target of {$ee}, who is the real culprit.

Table: Remorse // Culprit; Victim or Sin; Interrogator
{$hh} feels remorse for an undisclosed crime.
{$hh} feels remorse for killing his father.
{$hh} feels remorse for assassinating someone.
{$hh} feels remorse for a fault of love.
{$hh} feels remorse for adultery.

Table: Recovery // The Seeker; the One Found
{$hh} finds {$chch}, a child who was stolen.
{$hh} finds {$ff}, who has been unjustly imprisoned.
{$hh} finds his father {$ff}.

Table: Loss // Slain Kinsman; Spectator Kinsman; Executioner.
{$hh} witnesses the slaying of his kinsman {$ff} by {$ee}, and is powerless to prevent it.
{$ff} helps to bring misfortune on his people, and especially {$hh}, through professional secrecy.
{$hh} is foretold of {$ff}`s death.
{$hh} learns of the death of {$ff} and falls into despair.


Table: StoryTitle
{$hh} and {$ww}
{$hh} vs {$ee}
{$hh} and {$ff}
{$hh} and the {$obj}
{$auau}`s [|secret|stolen|missing|] {$obj}
The {$obj} of [|Doom|Fate|God|no return|all things]

Table: UnisexRelation
//Also code MRM, MRW, WRW, WRM
dear friend

Table: MaleRelation

Table: xGenderRelation

Table: allPpl //players in these dramas

Table: Ppl

Table: notHH

Table: Males

Table: Females

/////////////////////// CHARACTER NAMES

Table: hhName

Table: eeName

Table: ffName

Table: vvName

Table: owwName

Table: chchName

Table: auauName
King [!manName]
Queen [!wwName]
Duke [!manName]
Sherrif [!manName]
Prince [!manName]

Table: womanName

Table: manName

Table: objectName
[@objmod] [@objthing]

Table: objmod
top secret

Table: objthing

Table: fantasy_wwName

Table: fantasy_manName

// END.
//{$hh}, {$ee}, {$oee}, {$ff}, {$hh}, {$vv}, {$ff}, {$ww}, {$oww}, {$chch}, {$auau}, {$oauau}.
//One day, the evil {$ee} tied {$ww} to the railroad tracks. But {$chch} warned {$hh}, who with the help of his trusty side-kick {$ff}, rescued her and exposed {$ee}`s evil plan before he and his accomplice {$oww} could overthroww {$auau}. {$auau} was so happy that he knighted {$hh}, who married {$ww} and adopted {$chch}. On their wedding day, they went to the hanging of {$ee} and {$oww} to celebrate.

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