The Ascot transcript snippet

You happen to notice a queer, old woman squatting in the bushes.  You hope she’s not doing what you think she’s doing…

“Psst!” she hisses.  “Frondwelbo… is that you?”

“Hmph, well, Frondwelbo…” says the old lady.  “I always thought you were incredibly dashing in your ascot, did you know that?  Never mind, though.  Are you ready to finally claim your family’s fortune, young master?”

The crone hunched in the greenery pulls up a section of roots, revealing a dark stairwell.  “Proceed with caution, dear master…”

Oh, man.  You always knew there had to be something cool under that bush.  I mean, there’s always something cool under bushes, right?  Secret passageways, lost treasures, plastic rats, loose change, you name it.  With a small adjustment of your ascot, you descend into another world.

* * * *

Holy patoot.  It’s totally dark under the bushes– lucky thing you’re a big carrot eater.  You’ve got the night vision to make it around safely sans lamp.

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