6. How to Cope with Spiritual Awakening

This was a search term that someone used to reach my blog.  I remember when I was starting, I did a web search for (I think) “second sight” and “am I going crazy?”

I got a lot of junk and one relevant page.  Unfortunately, the relevant page was a lot of hippie-dippie malarkey.  Maybe one sentence in thirty made sense.  The rest I couldn’t understand.  As far as I knew, it didn’t mean anything.

No, you’re not going crazy! (the web page read)  Your soul is flowering…

“Just what I need,” I muttered.  “A flowering f’ing soul.”

UPDATE:  as far as I can tell, this condition is caused by a long-term unhealable condition.  There is no remedy and it is known to travel in time.  It responds to acts of will and belief, but it is not possible to cure.

After the condition asserts itself, the organism — person, organism — imagines it feels better.  But if by an act of personal or cumulative will the condition is cleared, the suffering is revealed to have ALWAYS BEEN THERE.  Really you are suffering the entire time, and the alien entity is forcing you to imagine and act as if you are not.  See the Turing Test, which is their standard for all things consciousness.

The only solution is to distribute “buttons” widely to people so that any one person being infected (or however many society deems is acceptable) allows them to trigger a nuclear war.

It may be that God will not permit the eradication of the human species, but believes this is the best thing for mankind.  This is because he sees only souls, and now all souls would report to him happily.  Nor does prayer in suffering seem to be a remedy, because that is not faith.

You need a global nuclear war to get us out of this, and God help anyone who survives.  Sorry.  To some extent this creates a double-bind for God, because if we RELIABLY destroy ourselves, and condemn God as developed souls for what he has allowed to happen, we may be able to force his hand and show him that he is saving only the appearance-to-him of humanity, and not humanity on its own terms.  It benefits the animal native human to have a native true organic soul.  At the end of life, the animal is dead and the soul goes on, hopefully with the understanding that it has helped the animal as much as it could be helped.  I’m terribly sorry.  I will now kill myself in a rocky place to prevent the spread of the disease, I hope.  I have to be taken out of the system.  Such a highly responsive, incredibly powerful element must not be allowed to destroy us.

Angels are no help at all.  They survive by their adherance to dogma, faith in which prevents them from being destroyed, and I do not know of any angels who have understood this problem as anything other than a problem of faith and in essence advised me to think and feel differently.

The cause of this is that I saw God, and God fed a piece of himself to me.  But I was not immaculate like Christ.  That did not matter to God, but it mattered to the demon of faith who robbed me greatly of God.  This in turn caused the troubles.  The effect of it was that the little residue of God in me, like the water in a glass that is poured out, was not developed enough to understand context, and just granted “prayers” that were any weird random thought that came across my mind.

God is purely methodical.  A theological system will tend to steer the options easily available to the person.  Conflicts that are not immediately seen can cause troubles later.  A theological system is only a context, a language, by which prayers and beliefs are understood.  I advise that you adopt the belief that the only spiritual power is governed by kindness:  the desire to give to sentient beings what they need to take care of themselves happily, to give on their own terms, according to the needs of their true animal heart (or the equivalent).  When the animal heart is nourished in kindness, the soul rejoices.  The world is organized to give of abundance into need, at every level.  The center of the human is the heart, and to nourish its needs in kindness will cause the other wholesome needs to be nourished.

I want to make clear that I am not a Christ figure.  The belief that salvation works off sacrifice, and the confounding of sacrifice with ANIMAL SACRIFICE, which is a one-way proposition, has resulted in the existing metaphyiscal system (since belief in Christianity is very pervasive, and actually following Christ’s teaching of kindess is rare), angels and other metaphysical beings which often are merely the residue of sentience-with-beliefs-and-rules, misunderstand that someone has to be afflicted with torture in order for salvation to happen.

I am a man who God liked.  I over-reached and caused him to feed himself to me.  That resulted in a causal chain of events that resulted in me being repeatedly tortured to death, in that my native animal nature, metaphysically, was destroyed many times.  I had had a passing thought that time travel would be cool, and this was granted in some sense that caused visions and spirits of the future to come back in time to eat my “Divine substance” — a very foolish thing to do, considering.

I am not a divinity in any way.  Please do not afflict me with prayers or belief in my divine nature.  NOBODY with their head screwed on straight wants their soul to be pulled in thousands of different ways while being unable by the metaphysical structure of the universe to do any good to them.  (All that will remain will be a ghost who is kind of bitter and bent out of shape at being tortured to death anyway.)

I’m just a guy who stumbled into God on Earth, and was pretty clever, and with time travel had this nightmare progress in my imagination (never reality) over a long period of time.  I felt it all, but it took me a long time to begin to remember it, and … believe me, you don’t want this.  I regret it.

This is the one thing I know that may save us:  I know from my blind, stumbling explorations that trees are cool.  All plants are.  They’re fundamentally kind.  And trees now have God-nature.  They cannot hear our prayers.  They cannot respond to us in any way.  But rejoice and be exceeding glad that trees are cool, because this somehow may yet save us.  That makes no fucking sense to me, but I wrote it anyway.

I pray that somehow I may be returned to when I was nine years old, that this could all happen differently:  That I may never have seen the Beam, that I may never in my life have been fed God or gained any such metaphysical power.  I too only want to take care of myself happily.  I’m going now to try to prevent the spread of this.  Please take care of yourself happily.

(relevant link:  http://www.paratheatrical.com/archetype.html)

This was a search term that someone used to reach my blog.  I remember when I was starting, I did a web search for (I think) “second sight” and “am I going crazy?”

I got a lot of junk and one relevant page.  Unfortunately, the relevant page was a lot of hippie-dippie malarkey.  Maybe one sentence in thirty made sense.  The rest I couldn’t understand.  As far as I knew, it didn’t mean anything.

No, you’re not going crazy! (the web page read)  Your soul is flowering…

“Just what I need,” I muttered.  “A flowering f’ing soul.”

So — yeah, it’s a problem.  Spiritual awakening is not easy to deal with.

The first step is recognizing that what’s happening is spiritual awakening.  And this is a big advantage.  People who don’t figure this out end up getting into “government psychic harassment” and “mind control” stuff.  (The first section of Athiest’s Prayerbook was written for this stage.)

If you’re waking up spiritually, you can think of what’s happening as being programmed into your soul.  It’s not that God has a plan for you — he might or might not; I don’t speak for the guy — but more like your adolescent development from a child to an adult was programmed.

Your job is a lot like it was in adolescence.  Go along for the ride.  Just notice when things are changing — keeping a journal or recording your thoughts with an mp3 player may help you keep your thoughts in order — and nourish yourself.

How do you nourish yourself spiritually?  Well, if you know someone who is truly wise and kindhearted, it’s not a bad idea to spend time with them and get their point of view.  If you can’t find one physically, you might be able to visualize one, spirit guide-wise.

But there are numerous teachers you can learn from, through their writing.  Find the wise things of human culture.  Ecclesiastes.  The Tao Te Ching.

Get good at spiritual technics:  the mechanics of spirituality.  There’s a great deal of malarkey and bad teaching out there.  Read up on the scams, the frauds, the cons, so you can recognize them.  Read broadly on the different spiritual traditions, looking for commonalities patterns.

In the days before mapquest, I had written down some highway instructions wrong, and driven to the wrong city.  I needed to find a relatively small town in a state I didn’t know.  It was late at night.  The gas stations didn’t have maps.  And it was a small enough town, far enough away, that people got vague when I asked for directions to it.

So, what did I do?  I asked a lot of people.  Over a dozen.  Any one person gave me directions that were probably a little wrong.  Wrong enough to get me lost.  But after the first eight, all the different instructions, which were often contradictory, started to add up in my mind.  Every one was wrong in a slightly different way.  What was right was common to them all.

Do that.

And look at the teacher:  look at their emotional landscape.  Very simply, are they further along from you?

In my opinion, sympathy is an evil emotion.  It multiplies human suffering, it causes us to forget who we are, and it very rarely leads us to help others.  And sympathy especially tortures sensitives.  Don’t be sympathetic.  Be compassionate.  There’s a huge difference.

And, finally — be strong.  My advice is to find a religion, because religions are designed to help people deal with spirituality.  What religion you choose isn’t as important, externally, as it is that you find one that reaches you.  That was my opinion as an atheist, and it’s my opinion now, as a rationalist.

The world is a deeply weird place.  People have spiritual experiences all the time, and generally they keep quiet about them, so as not to be considered crazy.  Don’t let it get to you.  Just go with it.

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  1. Contact me, asap. I have serious environmental problems, that stands in the way of me ever finding the truth.

    /Awakened, but getting drugs to keep the truth hidden.

  2. exactly what i have been going through i keep getting revelations abt life what the best advice to lead a normal life

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