Spiritual Awakening 4 – Method

This is the method.  Here we’re using metta meditation, which is a Buddhist practice, to cultivate brotherly love, as instructed by Jesus.  I have developed beliefs about spirituality and religion as a consequence of experiences I have had; but those came after, and largely as the fruits of, doing this practice.

As far as I can tell, it is not important or relevant to this exercise that you have any particular religious beliefs.  As I say, it had a powerful effect on me, despite the fact that I was an atheist.

warning. This practice is highly effective.  It is also remarkably easy.  Unfortunately, it is also very boring.  Well, it’s work.

content. There is one form and two emotions, or values.  Use the same form to cultivate love and compassion.  Love is not the antidote to hatefulness; compassion is.  Compassion will enable you to defeat any tendency toward hatefulness in your own heart, and it will enable you to face hatefulness from other people and be unmoved.

Love enables you to see the value inherent in other humans — even real shitheads.  If you are in adversity, start with compassion; it will make you stronger.  You can also use this form for the values of faith and peace.

The following discussion is for love, but the process for compassion, faith, and peace are identical.

basic form. The base practice is to radiate love from your heart.  There are two parts:  summoning the feeling of love, and sending it out.

Muster up the feeling by envisioning someone who you feel love strongly for, at a time when your love was especially strong.  Better than romantic love is plain, disinterested love; love for their sake rather than yours.

Also, you can imagine love as an energy, with a color.  You can give it an iconic symbol, such as a valentine shaped heart.  And, on breathing out, you can say in your mind, “Love, love, love, love, love.”

Push the feeling outward by pushing your personal spiritual energy outward, and sending the feeling with it.  If you have ever been in love and had your “heart go out to someone,” that is the experience you’re looking for.  In fact, it is similar to the experience of cursing someone, in that when we curse someone we send them hostile energy.  But you should not curse anyone:  if you feel you must, wish them the long, painful route to heaven, or enlightenment.

You can envision the love-carrying emotion coming out of you, like a wave of light.  You can push it as you breathe out.  You can send the icon away from you, out into the world.  And so on.

early benchmark. The first indicator of success is simply that the process will tire you.  If you do this for fifteen or twenty minutes and feel wrung-out, and unable to do it again for a few days, that is very good.  It means you are actually sending energy.

If you go through the process and it seems to take no effort, and you feel just as energetic as you did before, that tells you that you are not actually doing it.  You’re not putting energy into it, either because you haven’t gotten the trick of it, or out of fear.  Keep at it.

After a few weeks, you’ll become energetically strong enough that you’ll be able to go for hours without tiring.  But even then, you will still have the sense of exertion.  If you do not have this sense, you are not doing the exercise and you will not get the benefit.

further form. Once you are practiced at radiating love from your heart, continue your practice, radiating it from your forehead, crown, and halo.  Envision your halo as a ball of light hovering a short distance over your head.  You can radiate energy with it, too.

Once you are practiced with love, further develop your practice with compassion, faith, and peace.

hostile energy. If you are under attack by hostile energy — if someone is sending you hatefulness, or so forth — use this process to handle it.  The strategy is like one from judo:  draw in the hostile energy and reply to it with positive energy.

Drawing the hostile energy directly into your heart is probably too uncomfortable.  So, draw it in to your ribs or back.  Visualize it being absorbed by them as you breathe in and say “hate.”  Or, similarly draw it in to your system with your root, which is the soft bit of flesh directly between your legs.

In this way, you make yourself a converter, from evil into good.  And it becomes therefore very difficult for people to ‘get’ you with negative energy.

very important. Do NOT reverse this process.  People who draw positive energy in through their head and imagine it “washing out” their system, such that negative energy flows out their feet into the universe, get the reverse result.  They become crappy, vicious people, who will retaliate at imagined offenses.  The general rule is that you become what you radiate.

The converters are:  hate -> compassion; suffering -> love; horror -> faith; and death -> peace.  This practice ‘programs’ you spiritually to respond to a spiritual affliction by automatically producing its antidote.

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  1. hell -> heaven!

  2. This should be a fuller write-up; but I’ll just post this note briefly.

    Using Vipassana meditation, you learn something called the “fourth frame of reference.” Here you watch, not thoughts, but the substance of your mind. It’s like watching, not the movie, but the silver screen the movie is projected onto.

    The meditation I’ve been doing lately, for dismantling the sense of self, is to apply the converter structure I’ve outlined above to the problem of the illusion of self. The first step is to drink all “me”-ness with your heart, and radiate Dharma, as a kind of fire. Get good at that.

    Then, drink “me” and “I” not just with your heart, but with your entire body, and with your entire body, radiate Dharma.

    Finally, drink “me”-ness with the silver screen itself, and with the screen, radiate Dharma.

    The term “screen” is misleading. It’s three dimensional, and not only visual. It’s what underlies all your experience, of vision, sensation, emotion, sense of time, abstract thought, etc. You’re especially interested in this case in the abstract thought dimension.

    More later, as time permits.

    Buddha bless,


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