Spiritual Awakening 5 – Prayers

These are some prayers that I found useful.

I don’t have the time to go into the theory behind these spiritual practices, but you can read about their background, and about what has worked for me, in The Atheist’s Prayerbook.  You can get that from “Conrad Cook’s Books,” on the sidebar.

That book is not free; but I emphasize that this process, which I’ve explained in these posts, is the method; it is the complete method; it is everything essential about the method.  There are other things I talk about in the book, such as using a custom light and sound machine to wake myself up spiritually; but this is not essential.  People have been waking up spiritually without light and sound machines for millenia.

The prayers are:

  1. Service. Give yourself in service to God; or, if you are not religious, to the Good.  Make this commitment daily, and spend some time and energy figuring out what it means.  Give your soul to God.
  2. Help. Pray that God help you to become a good person; a better person; a kinder, more loving person; and so on.
  3. Guidance. Pray that God teach you how to pray; that he help you understand what it means to become a good person.
  4. Blessing. Ask God to bless those you love:  your friends and family.  (2 and 3 are effectively asking God to bless you.)  Ask God to send them his love — through you.  Ask to feel God’s love for them, and that he help them become better people.
  5. Further Blessing. Work your way through those who you have no special feelings toward to those you dislike, until you are asking God to bless those you hate.  Ask that he help them become better people, so that they do not hurt anyone else the way (I presume) they hurt you.  If you cannot do this, pray that God help you become a better person, until you can bless those you hate.

optional. You can, alongside this process, ask God to help you to wake up spiritually, to help you cultivate your divine spark.

And that’s the basic process.  There’s more going on with me.  I’ve experienced some remarkable things.  I often do the basic meditation (radiating love) laying in cruciform posture, to help me in feeling God’s love for the world.  One day I did this and prayed for something — a car to steal; I was in a bind — and the Holy Ghost showed up, which was the final blow to my convictions as an atheist.

I also had a remarkable Buddhist experience, where for three days the world seemed to be on fire with Clear Light.  It was light that was the color of water.  Then, I myself was on fire with it; and finally I had it in my mind — and it was beautiful.  I describe it to my friends as a teaspoon of enlightenment.  It’s still there, but greatly subsided; it’s now on me to cultivate it.

What can I say?  — I’m not an atheist anymore.  I’m a rationalist.  Use the above process:  put yourself in service to God, and pray, not selfishly, but to benefit mankind — and amazing, magical things will happen in your life.

This process will never make it on Oprah — it doesn’t make you rich, materially.  But it is the real thing and it will do you a world of good.

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