while preping for the IFC10…

I’m in the library getting the IF Comp ’10 surveys ready, and two old ladies just came through and discovered graphic novels.

“That’s amazing!” they said.  “They’re like comic books!”

“Do they still have comic books?”

“I imagine so, but I haven’t seen them at the store…”

So I struck up conversation with them as they walked past.  And I showed them Crumb’s Book of Genesis, which I read earlier this week and the staff hasn’t yet shelved.  Crumb impresses me with his skill in rendering emotions in facial expressions.

The book impressed them because it was the entire text.  They kept saying, “That’s amazing!” 

Pretty cute.

ps – The surveys will be online today.  Promise!

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Cat and Mouse


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Roommate Update

Today I captured my roommate and released him into the Florida wilds (near my landlord’s inflable pool for small children).  He had been looking thin.


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I have a roommate!

Cute little fellow.  I had the thought he might help keep the apartment roach-free; but if you’ve ever seen Florida roaches…

(If he got in a fight with one, I’m afraid it’d win.)



In retrospect, it seems inevitable that any blog I may have would become more & more about lizards.

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