Incredibly Cool Site for Writers…

Here we have fictional characters from various famous novels rendered pictorally by police artists.

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The Shakespearean Tabletop RPG!

Paul Budra, of Simon Fraser University, has created Play Extempore, the Shakespearean tabletop role-playing game — and has put it online free! (more…)

Pulp Report – First Story Progress

I’ve finished the first part of this four-part short story.  The goal is to write a short story according to the F-H system, and in combination with the Doc Savage formula. (more…)

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Pulp Exercise – Rewrite for Emotion

The goal here is to rewrite the following passage to conform to the F-H “wheel of now” cycle:  lead with future-oriented emotion, follow with intellectual, factual information.

The rule is:

There must be movement in two directions, a fact (looking and rolling backward) and a feeling (looking and rolling forward) in virtually every sentence of your story (Formulas, 50).

The goal here is not to create a good piece of writing, but an emotionally powerful piece of writing – even inappropriately powerful for the content. (more…)

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