Might Be Going To Korea…

Because there’s not enough work here.  Or, there’s work, but it’s difficult to get many hours, and the pay is pretty bad.

I’ve heard things are better in Phenom Phen, the Cambodian capital, but the basic trouble is just that Cambodia’s starting to feel the pinch, and there’s not a lot of money going around.

Anyway, if you want a good free Korean language course, this is the one I’ve found:

the FSI (Foreign Service Institute) Korean language course, by Unit

the FSI (Foreign Service Institute) Korean language course, by Volume 

BTW, it’s shockingly expensive to fly to Korea from Cambodia — as much as it would cost me to go home!  What’s with that?

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Academic Earth and Open Culture

Okay, this is very cool —

You can now get college lecture videos off the web for free.  The primary disadvantage, in comparison to going to college, is that you don’t get to hassle the teachers.

Links here (to Academic Earth) and here (to Open Culture).

The difference seems to be that Open Culture is organized more like a blog, apparently with links to off-site material, while Academic Earth has all their own videos that they put together in-house.

So expect consistency from Academic Earth, and variety from Open Culture.

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