“Mom! You’re Breaking the 4th Wall!”

I have a friend, Becky — (Hi, Becky!) — who describes herself as an ex-hippie.  She dislikes representations of violence, and wouldn’t buy her son video games.

Becky told me today that when he was old enough, her son bought a copy of “Grand Auto Theft.”  She could hear it and wasn’t too happy about it, but it wasn’t against the rules and she let it slide.

Then one day, he had his high-school friends over.  They were all playing Grand Theft Auto, and laughing in a rowdy way.  So she decided she had to do something.

She went to the room.  On the TV there was a little old lady crossing the street.  Her son was at the controls, and he ran her over.  And all the kids laughed.

Becky demanded, “Did you just run that lady over?  Why would you do that to her?  You probably killed her!”  — and continued in this way for about fifteen minutes, as they passed the controller around.

Finally, her son turned it off and said, “Ok, ok, will you just go?”

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“There’s a commercial for Frosted Mini-Wheats…”

Culled from somewhere on the internet:

There’s a commercial for Frosted Mini-Wheats depicting a boxing match between a Mini-Wheat and a Honey Nut Cheerio. The Cheerio is half the size of the Mini-Wheat, showing it lacks fiber. As the match begins, the Cheerio faints before a punch is thrown. The problems? One: not just the boxer, but the announcers, the referee, the press and every single member of the audience is also a Mini-Wheat, so the odds of the Cheerio getting a fair treatment come across as nil; if it somehow won, the riotous crowd would probably kill it. Two: this is a boxing match, but the Cheerio has no arms or hands. Three: upon proclaiming his “victory,” the Mini-Wheat tries to act modest but just comes across as smugly falsely modest. It’s not hard to feel that the Cheerio either fainted from terror at being stuck in a match it can’t win surrounded by a huge horde of enemies, or that it threw the fight to get out of there alive.

Make yourself a worse better writer here.

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Optical Illusion

I’m told this was created by Zach Lynch.  Click on the image to enlarge it.


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Into the 20th Century!


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Don’t Date Robots! (2 min)

I won’t be doing much blog-work this weekend, so here’s a Public Service Announcement.. (more…)

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