Health Care: Making A Killing In The Free Market 3

I just re-got in touch with an old, good friend of mine.  Last I knew of him was 15 years ago, when he bought two Porches of similar makes and models, both damaged.

One was damaged in the front; the other in the rear.  He carved them up and re-joined them, to make a perfectly working car.  The tricky part was the gas tank, which had been moved.  (The models were a year apart.)

He’s now, I’m told, making weird contraptions for special effects and fitting frozen turkeys and other things with rocket engines.

Also, the doctor told him he had skin cancer.  And as he doesn’t have health insurance, it would be a mere $7,600 for the doctor to remove it.

So he researched it and bought a pain-killer and some surgical tools from somewhere.  And he cut the cancer out himself.

He said it cost $36.

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Health Care: Making a Killing in the Free Market

In general, this blog isn’t about politics.  But let me get this straight–

The Problem

America has about the best medical technology in the world, and the best doctors, and we have about the worst citizen’s health in the first world.  Because we allow insurance companies to suck sick people dry, chew them up, and spit them out.  In some cases, ambulences take sick people without health insurance out of hospitals and drop them off on a curb in the slums.  Old people smuggle legal drugs in from Canada.


Now the Republicans tell us that if we were to change this, we would be rationing health care.  Because what we have now isn’t “rationing.”  Currently we give health care to — we treat — people who can afford it.  People who can’t afford it, we don’t.  And that’s not “rationing” because (more…)

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