How People Are Finding OneWetSneaker…

People find this blog in the strangest ways.

This week, readers surfed in on these terms:

wet sneaker
“emily short”
sarah palin
learn khmer online
mill’s methods examples

–I don’t say much on here about either Sarah Palin or Emily Short, but both are mentioned, and people search for them.  (Emily, I consider it an unfortunate fact that Sarah Palin’s more popular.)

I was pleased and delighted, in an utterly egotistical way, to see the first appearance of:

conrad cook interactive fiction

–I’ll be more pleased and delighted when I write an IF actually worth searching for.  I also get a few searches for:

jacek pudlo
florida roaches

–each of which is somewhat more popular than searches for my name.  Hm. (more…)

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