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Remote viewer technique to clear your screen by filling it with multiple colors

Remote viewer technique:  To clear your “screen” — modern remote viewers build a movie screen, which they program to have an interface like a computer’s.  When they need to clear their system, they use this technique:

Imagine you’re using Adobe Photoshop.  Fill the picture (the screen) with black, then white, then a 100% transparent color.  Now you’re ready for business.

I “got” this one from Food Stamp Man.  You’ll remember I had a weird dream that a remote viewer was hassling me and, on finding out I had a food stamp card, told me he’d cancel it.  No reason:  just to be mean, from what I can tell.  In a later dream (today), he tried to win my trust by telling me a technique he thought would be useful to me.  I just want my food stamps back, but he claims I permanently won’t qualify.

Anyway, more fodder for the novel about the no-good moonlighting government telepaths are up to in this sci-fi novel.


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