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The latest for me is that I seem to be wrapping up my walkabout.  I say seem to because these things don’t involve a decision from me.

Wikipedia tells us the walkabout was primarily about shirking work and institutional regulation, and from my point of view this is a nontrivial dimension of it.  So to speak.  But on the other hand, the rumor really is true:  at some point, you meet yourself.

Hard to explain.

Ron asked if I’m going to be involved in IF Comp 2011.  I expect not.  I’m currently without a laptop, and I’m putting my daily one hour online toward a bigger project.

I remember questioning, two Comps ago, whether interactive fiction had a social code.  This due to that trivial but constant meanness we see, on r.a.if, out of that guy who pretends to be Jacek Pudlo, and so forth.

When I vanished on my first walkabout, it turns out a few of you guys got together to try to find me.  You were worried.  I got an email about it later.  It was very kind, and I realized later how definitively it answered my question. IF does indeed have a social code.

Thanks, guys.

I have a few ideas for games, which I mean to write up sometime.  But I’m really into this calamity prevention and recovery planning, and I’m not sure when I’ll get around to text games.

My college friends would often end up with spare computers kicking around.  If you’re reading this and you have an old laptop that you’re not using, it’d help me be more productive.  An hour a day doesn’t give me much.

Currently, I’m working on what (minimal) knowledge set would be needed to bootstrap modern high-tech civilization.  It’s a peculiar problem.  Currently, it seems you need kilns, to make bricks for blacksmith’s furnaces, and plenty of steel digging tools, for mining.

Without those tools, you end up in a catch-22:  The most accessible coal is deep underground, the stuff on the surface already being used up, and you can’t easily set up a blacksmith shop to make steel mining tools without coal…

It’d be tough.  It’s not inescapable, but it’d be tough.  Especially with a serious knowledge gap.  Some picks and shovels scattered around would help tremendously.

Anyway, yeah, if you have a laptop you don’t need and aren’t using, email me.  It’s taking me longer than I counted on to find work.

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