Get a Free Short Story Mailed To You!

I am delighted to announce I am starting up a free short story service here at One Wet Sneaker.  I’m always digging up great old stories online, and want to learn to use an certain automatic email program, so I thought I’d combine them this way.  These are the best short stories I can find.  In one case, the story is so good that I’ll be typing the story in from a scanned document.  It’s in the public domain, but it’s not on the web in text format anywhere.

(This particular story was the inspiration for Neil Gaiman’s story Coraline, and in my opinion it’s a much deeper and weirder story.  It’s less spectacular, but far more strange. — But until I type it up, I have plenty of other great stories lined up.)

So, sign up and enjoy a short story mailed to you every week — free!

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