TADS 3 Study Group Opens

I’ve put together a group for people who want to learn TADS 3.

We’ll have a topic every week, such as doors, or NPCs, or conversation. And people can talk about non-topic items at any time, of course.

We’ll keep it private, so you can post spoilery stuff about your game, and members will be expected to contribute, or they’ll (eventually) be bounced — not to be mean, but to keep people motivated, and as a kind of dues-paying through contribution.

Sign up here:


The group blurb reads:

Welcome, all.  The rules are:  be nice, stay focused, and contribute.

As a member, you’re automatically granted the rights to:

  • post messages without moderation
  • create pages
  • upload files
  • invite new members to join

Please take full advantage of these rights, and of the group, to learn what you can and to teach what you know.

If you know of someone who might be interested, or a venue where such an annoucement would be welcomed, please pass the word.


Take care,


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