English Class – Problems and Solutions (maybe)

What I’ve done the first week is this —

I started on as a teacher a few days before the end of the month. So I was supposed to give them a monthly test — basically not possible, as I don’t know what they know.

So I got permission to put that off, and I made up a cumulative quiz with questions on each of the five things they’re supposed to know.

Those are, nontechnically: I was printing the paper; I have printed the paper; The paper was printed by me; If you eat the last cookie, I will be angry; tall, taller, tallest, but modest, more modest, most modest.

So, for a week and a half I’ve been hammering away at different variations of these same exercizes. The current educational theory is “immersion,” and the idea is that with enough exposure you “just get” the language.

I’m not doing that; I’m teaching them grammer, and I’m teaching it like math: This is the pattern. Learn the pattern. The test will look a lot like this.

(I’m all for immersion to build fluency, but not to get proper grammer into their heads.)

The slow kids still weren’t getting it. Basically, they’d given up.


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