The Technique of the Mystery Story – by Wells

This book, The Technique of the Mystery Story, by Carolyn Wells, was written in 1913 and is now in the public domain.


Chapter 1:  The Eternal Curious

Chapter 2:  The Literature of Mystery

Chapter 3: The History of Mystery

Chapter 4:  Ghost Stories

Chapter 5: Riddle Stories

Chapter 6: Stories

Chapter 7: The Detective

Chapter 8: Deduction

Chapter 9: Applied Principles

Chapter 10: The Rationale of Ratiocintation

Chapter 11: Close Observation

Chapter 12: Other Detectives of Fiction

Chapter 13: Portraits

Chapter 14: Devious Devices

Chapter 15: Footprints and Fingerprints

Chapter 16: More Devices

Chapter 17: False Devices

Chapter 18: Murder In General

Chapter 19: Persons in the Story

Chapter 20: The Handling of the Crime

Chapter 21: The Motive

Chapter 22: Evidence

Chapter 23: Structure

Chapter 24: Plots

Chapter 25: Further Advices

Chapter 26: Final Advices

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  1. […] I’ve put up an ebook on writing (murder) mystery stories.  It’s called The Technique of the Mystery Story.  Written by Carolyn Wells in 1913.  Gives advice for writers — what to do, what not […]

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