Time Management and Overview

The basic idea behind this strategy for making IF is that every move you make as an IF author should raise the value of the game for your players.

First, outline the story. Games without a story tend to do poorly; stories appear to be necessary for a well-designed IF. (1 week.)

Second, design the game flow. (1-2 weeks.)

Third, program the game. (1-2 months.)

Finally, refine the play of the game. (Three months.)

Make the story

To make the story:

*Decide what emotional signal to send.

*Decide what message (or moral) you want to send, if any.

*Decide what change in circumstances best conveys that emotion.

*Decide what character best conveys it.

*Define the STATUS QUO as the first circumstance. This should have some problem, or conflict, built in to it.

*Define the SOLUTION as the final circumstance.

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